Can you KEEP a SECRET…..I CAN!

Psalms 90:8 “You have set our iniquities before you, our secret sins in the light of your presence.”

Two people close to me call me the “secret keeper” because when we’re in those DEEP conversations I give a “look” but remain SILENT.NOW, don’t get me wrong I’m on the horn with them daily talking about our husband’s, kids, work…..LIFE! However, there are some things I feel should be between God & I. I’m not gonna be SUPER long today (as I lay in my sick bed…I’ve coughed myself into numbness) but I did want to ENCOURAGE someone today.

I have VERY FEW people who I SHARE with; however, those few people have very different roles in my life. I have one whom I go to that will give me THE WORD….STRAIGHT “WELL THE LORD SAID”! I just sit and LISTEN….Because i know my spirit with CONCUR with each conversation. Then I have one that gives STRAIGHT WORD with a bit of life experiences…..A little HOOD with it sometimes but ALL WORD (My Poo). I have the one I call my “voice of reason” always goes the EXTRA LONG ROUTE but eventually makes sense and is helpful (Oprah) I usually say LORD HELP ME as i dial for advice Lol. Last but not least I have the peace maker….Always says “Well Mo’e you know you should have or maybe you could have” that one keeps my head spinning.

When there’s an urgent matter (depending on the situation) I speak with each of them and I’ll put all their encouraging words together and go to God (He has the final say). I said all that to say….I do share (Though a very private person) but there are MANY things that ONLY GOD & I know and though a few think I’m being STINGY with information I feel some things should be kept between God & myself.

All the above mentioned give me GREAT ADVICE but in CERTAIN situations MY GOD IS THE ONLY THING I NEED.

Today be ENCOURAGED to have those FEW whom TRULY have your VERY BEST interest at heart that you can share/receive advice from…..BUT UNDERSTAND THAT MY GOD WILL NEVER STEER YOU WRONG!


~Fridays with Monisha~

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1 Response to Can you KEEP a SECRET…..I CAN!

  1. Celine says:

    Well said, Moe! I hope you’re on the mend. Praise God! He definitely has the final say. Our message yesterday at church was – After listening to the rest, do what God says is best! Amen! ❤

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