Character Counts

I waited all last week for big news from a prospective job opportunity and literally drove myself crazy waiting for that phone call. Don’t yall know God has a sense of humor though? I got the call I was waiting for, only to be told I’d have to wait another week. As I waited for the big news last week, I wasted an entire week lethargically accomplishing NOT A DARN thing. With tons to do in all of my side projects and hobbies, I literally closed the week feeling so lazy and horrible that I wasn’t productive in anything. This led me into deep meditation and prayer with God as to how I could approach the upcoming week a lot differently. From that conversation I was encouraged to think about the core values I would need to draw from MOST, while I waited another long week for an answer from this job. What’s a core value, you ask? Well I’m sure most folks know, but in case you needed some help, core values are the set of things that you believe to be most important in how and why you live your life. It’s the system of beliefs you hold to be true and the expectations you hold yourself to. Core values can serve as your moral compass, leading you down a path that is ultimately pleasing to God. Have you thought about your core values lately? What’s on your list? So the four values from my list that I chose to focus on this week were faith, patience, humility, and leadership. Faith and patience so that I could be sustained in God’s timing and trust His will over my life, humility because I know if I get this job I MIGHT ACT A LIL CRAZY lol and so in anticipation of what could be an offer from an incredibly prestigious company, I understand I need to be as humble and meek as possible, and leadership with the understanding that I owe it to God to make sure EVERYDAY He gives me is used productively.


In choosing these 4, which are already defined for me, I needed to put concrete actions in place to truly live out each value throughout the week. For faith and patience, I committed to not checking my phone as often (like I did last week looking for that phone call lol), releasing all stress to God, praying, meditating and reading the Bible more this week, and acting on my belief of what God has for me which essentially means packing my home up in anticipation of this job offer. To live out the value of humility, I have been thinking of ways to express my gratitude to people who have truly supported me in my career transition over the last few months including telling these people how much I appreciate them and showing them through small acts of kindness such as dinner or gift cards. If it’s good news this week, I’ve also begun thinking about how I will communicate this news to others, being very careful to remain as humble as possible so that God gets the glory. As for leadership, I am literally holding myself accountable in staying busy this week and being as productive as possible. I legit made a to-do list on Saturday and will work on that list this week to honor the life God breathes into me every morning.

Why am I sharing this? Well 1. I selfishly need yall to hold me accountable to these things lol. And 2. I realize that this is something I can do every week in order to continuously grow and improve my character. I’d love for you to try it with me and challenge yourself in personal growth and development over the next and final 5 months of 2014. Need some help starting? Well here’s a list of the core values that I hold to be true that you can absolutely use as well (I have a lot, but feel free to narrow it down or add the others that are important to you):
April’s Personal Core Values (in no particular order):

In addition to creating your list of core values, I challenge you to define what each one means to you and WRITE IT DOWN!!! After you define each value, choose one to focus on and grow in each week by creating a list of actions you will take to live out that particular value and tell someone to hold you accountable in those actions. At the end of the week, get a quick pulse-check by asking those around you if they believe you truly lived out that value. It may also help you to create your personal mission statement and vision before creating your list of core values because each value should be aligned with what your personal life mission and vision is. For your mission statement, ask yourself what is it that you want to accomplish this month? Year? Lifetime? Why do you believe you were created? What do you want others, and more importantly God, to say about you when you are called home? Your vision is a more detailed expansion of that mission. How do you envision living out your mission statement? What actions are important for you to take on a daily basis for you to bring that mission to fruition? What does God’s word say about how we should live our lives? Are your mission statement, vision, and core values completely aligned to God’s word?

I hope this gives you a good place to start (assuming you haven’t done this before lol). Let me know how I can help you lay out or fine tune your mission, vision, and core values for your personal life and walk in Christ.

Until next week,

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