I love you ANYWAY.

If you’re an adult…especially over 30, there has likely come a time where you were faced with a situation where you had to admit fault or wrongdoing. If you’re over 30 and have never been at fault for anything or ever displayed questionable actions… you are Jesus and no longer need to proceed with reading my blog today. lol. But seriously, accepting responsibility for our tricky actions is indeed a critical part to being an adult.
     Have you ever known a person that is the common denominator in all types of drama, but for some reason, still fail to see themselves as the issue? I call it the “I got fired from my last five jobs because the Supervisors didn’t like me” syndrome. Ok, I just made that up. But it has a nice ring to it. We all know someone or have even been that person who refuses to take responsibility for their actions. There are those who will never apologize for being wrong. There are those that will kinda admit wrong, “Yes I stiffed you on the money I owe you but.”  In case you don’t know, the word ‘but’ is the biggest apology killer on the planet. Shoot, there are even those who are so prideful, that they won’t even accept an apology or grant forgiveness to those who genuinely seek it.
     Listen, you don’t have to admit if it’s you. Being in denial doesn’t make it less true though. God knows anyway. But, the question we must ask ourselves is this…
                          Why do we duck/dodge an opportunity to make things right with others? 

I know the general answer is pride but I’m looking for a more detailed explanation from the readers. I had to ask myself this question recently as I prayed on a specific situation and my personal truth did not come so easily. My thought process was simply that I was not wrong in the situation, so why would I dare take responsibility for it’s current condition. Y’all have no clue how hard I prayed…how many scriptures I read…how much I went back and forth about whether to address it before I finally did. If it was up to our flesh and wicked hearts, we would never see, nor feel the need to ever accept our part in anything sideways. Let’s keep it one-hundred! Thank God I am primarily Holy Spirit driven in this season of my life because I am able to hear Him over me. His voice was clear – “Do it to show others LOVE.” 
     You see, love isn’t always an inseparable bond between a mother and child or a blissful feeling between a husband and wife. Love is an action word that sometimes requires lots of effort. How much like Christ are you really trying to be. Jesus died on the cross for us because He LOVED us. Nowhere in the Word does it say He did it with a smile on His face or without effort. He even prayed to God before crucifixion: Matthew 26:42 — “My father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away, unless I drink it, your will be done.” Imagine if He took the, “I love them, but I didn’t do anything wrong here” approach. If we are to be the hand and feet of Christ on this earth, we are to show to people that the God in us is bigger than our pride… He is better than our false humility and twisted logic. He didn’t die for us to be set in our ways, unforgiving, stubborn, and RIGHT all the time. We must love enough to make difficult, mature decisions IN LOVE. As a believer, there is no other alternative…no matter how we feel. 
Quite a few of my blogs this year are regarding the topic of forgiveness in some way. I praise God for it. 2014 has truly turned into a year of sustained peace for me, and I’m certain my current approach to forgiveness is responsible for it. I count it all joy and give glory to God for all the victories! I pray that as we are more than halfway through this year, you do a self-evaluation to see where and how you can improve in these areas. It’s a God thing…many people don’t and may never understand. Strive for better. Be accountable for yourself and take responsibility. Get out of denial. Admit wrongdoing. Make it right pronto. In the name of Jesus!
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6 Responses to I love you ANYWAY.

  1. This is a very powerful entry–one of the best (if not THE Best) one you’ve written! Forgiveness –and by virtue thereof, Humility; both under the umbrella of Love–are two of the most powerful ways we can “move” as God has intended for us to do. Amen!

  2. Tanya Neal says:

    Wow! Tears! I love you so much cousin! This hit home for me. God is awesome! I forgave and apologized to my sister weeks before my mother past away and what I say to that is, LOOK AT GOD! WE WERE THERE FOR EACH OTHER FOR THAT HORRIBLE TIME IN OUR LIVES. GLORY TO GOD. What would have happened if I didn’t swallow my pride or kept saying she was wrong or thinking how shes 14yrs older and how she should… Thank you Lord for letting me wake up to a better way of life!

    • J. Indigo Saunders says:

      Hey Tanya. I think you may have thought this way Monisha’s post, but I’m STILL happy you read and were blessed by this. Praise God for you doing what you know was right in that situation. God often speaks to us and we ignore His voice b/c of pride. Glory to God for your testimony.

  3. Aisha Samara says:

    So true. You are the common denominator buts it’s them not you. ..
    It’s time to grow and practice some patience, prayer, and self reflection.

    • J. Indigo Saunders says:

      Yes indeed SIL. AIn’t nobody got time to regress. Each day we are granted, we should be PROGRESSING along our path…growing…becoming BETTER people. Acknowledging the truth…even when it comes to ourselves, it integral in this process. Thank you for reading love.

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