Leave Elegance To The Tailor………

“You have a different crowd every night, so Tailor the show to their mood” ~Jewel~

Everyone has a story some good some not so great. A co-worker and I spoke this week about testimonies well it was more so in the area of OVER SHARING a testimony……CALLER ARE YOU THERE?? Ok…..My co-worker is kind of trying to “find their way” and at times find themselves feeling “uncomfortable” with a few of the leaders in their church regarding their testimony. OK OK…..Let me give you an example, you have been struggling financially and you have become homeless. You attend church service where a leader (it can be ANYBODY though….not just leaders) is sharing how God gave them a 10 bedroom house and a Maserati for SOME people they wouldn’t feel any kind of way; however, you do (you’re homeless).

Let me give you a better one…….You and your husband have been trying for years to conceive and you’re with a group of your CLOSE friends and someone is sharing how BLESSED they are because God gave them 7 children again some may not be bothered but you are. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Carter 5 (My husband & 3 children) with my entire soul but after my conversation I realized that when speaking to CERTAIN people I NEED to “TAILOR” my testimony because everyone can’t TAKE IT. As a matter of fact though I’m just sharing my life some people may take it as boasting or bragging and I must be sensitive to others and their situations/life IF I plan on EVER being an ENCOURAGEMENT to others. Now does that mean I can’t ENCOURAGE through the joy I have within which includes the Carter 5…….Absolutely NOT; however, I must be respectful/humble enough to put me to the side and use other words/uplifting situations to encourage according to each individuals situation.

Today I want to ENCOURAGE at least ONE to TRULY TRY TO UNDERSTAND where I’m coming from and if you struggle in the area of OVER SHARING with those that may NEED you to hold back THE SPECIFICS at THIS TIME in their lives PLEASE pray that God gives you the RIGHT words to ENCOURAGE moving forward.

Be      Compassionate in SHARING

Be      Humble & Think of Others

Be      Praying for the RIGHT words of ENCOURAGEMENT 

~Friday’s with Monisha~

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3 Responses to Leave Elegance To The Tailor………

  1. J. Indigo Saunders says:

    This is tricky tho sis b/c I don’t feel like just b/c a person is sharing their joy about their situation, means they are boasting. Everyone should be able to do that w/o feeling on edge due to another persons situation. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but shouldn’t that person be happy for you, regardless of what they don’t have or aren’t seeing in their own lives? What God has for YOU is for YOU. Tyler Perry was homeless. So, he should tailor his conversations about how God has blessed him and brought him from sleeping in his car into a mansion, simply because a person he’s talking to may be homeless? I disagree w/ that one. It’s awesome to think about the feelings of others, BUT what another person can or can not handle, is not my personal responsibility. Shrugs. Maybe I need to grow in that area, but uh…that’s how I’m feeling about it presently.

    • boldandfab says:

      Heeeeeeeey Sis^_^ Thank you for reading & sharing…..You’re ABSOLUTELY CORRECT people SHOULD be joyous for us when God works MIRACLE….In a perfect world 💯 I’m only speaking on my experiences when sharing and some may not be able to TAKE MY JOY/LIFE….My spirit has been touched to be a bit more SENSITIVE with THOSE KIND of people when ministering/sharing and I’m asking God to equip me with other words of ENCOURAGEMENT when dealing with THOSE folks. I hope you have a better understanding or maybe not Lol….Thanks again for sharing Mwuuuuuuuùah ♡

      • J. Indigo Saunders says:

        Yep…you’re just further along in this area than I am. I ain’t mad tho. Perhaps I’ll be able to grow there and actually care how others feel (in that regard). lol. #workinprogress

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