Divorced AND Christian? Hmmmm

There’s a major stigma attached to divorce in the church. Christians are taught that marriage is until death do you part. But what if the marriage wasn’t ordained of God? What if the marriage is not in alignment with your purpose. This isn’t about experiencing hardships and running from them. This isn’t about growing weary in your marriage and wanting something fresh and new. This is about seeking God as it relates to your purpose and the idea that the one you married has a purpose that doesn’t agree. Watch the video, keep an open mind, and let’s dialogue! I want to hear from you because I KNOW you have an opinion on this one! Happy Tuesday!!

Tuesdays with Bianca

divorceThe beauty about having a relationship with God over simply doing religion is that you have an open heart to receive messages that are rooted in love and transparency. Pastor Toure Roberts opens his heart to talk on a subject that is deeply rooted in his own personal journey of life after divorce. YES! You heard that right. He is a pastor. He is divorced. Oh and he’s unashamed. Oh and one more thing… HAPPY! Not happy that his marriage didn’t last. No real person enters marriage desiring to be divorced but it takes two mature individuals to recognize what is and is not of God and have the courage to move forward, especially as a spiritual leader. Now listen, before you throw stones I come from a teaching that lives, breaths, and praises all things marriage! My pastors have been married for almost 30 years. They lead an awesome…

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