Getting To The Best Version Of Ourselves

Image by © Christopher Weidlich/Corbis

Image by © Christopher Weidlich/Corbis

I once heard that if you are in Christ, but aren’t growing, you are in crisis.  In a day and age where so much emphasis is placed on “next level” prophesies, the reality is our occupations, vacations, and social circles are not always indicative of growth and maturity in Christ.  And let me demystify this “in Christ” talk.  And let me use my Samsung Galaxy to illustrate.  My phone was created by Samsung, not Nokia, not Sony…it’s a Samsung phone.  I can go to a general repairman to discuss the issues with my phone, and he may give good advice that works some of the time.  But for my phone to run at it’s best, the way it was intended to run, I have to go to the creator.  I have to go to Samsung.

Being “in Christ” is a term that many shy away from nowadays for fear of being perceived as a “holy roller.”  But you are only as holy as you wanna be.  God does not force His methods on any one.  That said, to get to the best version of ourselves, how much better would our lives be if we always consulted the One who created us with an optimal vision in mind?  And if we want the right upgrade, wouldn’t we need to go to the One that knows our original design, and which upgrades work with our purpose (because all the shiny balls ain’t for us)? Sometimes we have to desire a promotion with God in the same way we long for one at our jobs.  We have to grow up to get better.  Here are just three things to keep in mind:

1) You can be bored, even though you’re blessed.

Boredom may be a sign of a desire to grow.  But sometimes, we beat ourselves up because from appearances, everything in our lives is great.  You got the boo, the coupe, and beaucoup finances.  And you’re bored.  It happens.  Sometimes what looks like life, is death.  And sometimes the most ghastly of situations, leads to life.  Getting to our best selves requires thanking God for all He has blessed us with, and asking Him “so what now?” At times like this, you don’t need will-power.  You need way-power.  Follow the Way.  It will always lead to Truth and Life.

2) Keep your focus on following Christ, not on the future.

This is hard.  and for me, this is hard because there are times when I think I am focused on God, when really I am obsessing over the next stage in my life.  And I think that’s human nature, right?  I mean, it was God that made the next transition possible, so why wouldn’t I “see myself in the future” as they say?  But if only there was a reality show that revealed our fantasies about the future–what would it reveal?  A whole lot of money, fame, and Idris?  Or maybe just seclusion in an exclusive place with no responsibilities and peace and quiet?  There is nothing wrong with any of those things, but when we run towards them, let’s make sure we don’t leave God behind.  Society has got us fooled, man.  Instead of teaching that God should be our top priority, He is treated as a “nice” dessert we can choose to have when we want, but not a “necessary” meal to keep us alive.  Reaching our best selves is going to require us to be so close with God, that the future is NOT our goal.  A deeper relationship with Him is.

3) Check your giving, especially during down times.

I believe that you are your best when you give, at especially when at your worst.  If you are living a Christ-centered life, no one got to beg you to do right!  Period.  Giving is a sign of surrender and selflessness.  It may be the closest action we can perform to being like Jesus–who helped regardless of zip code or education status.  He didn’t even care if people believed in Him or not.  Our better self is a person that not only believes good, but behaves good.  There are a lot of folks that “like” good statuses and causes on Facebook.  But it is the evidence of one’s life that really reveals how much they give, regardless of their circumstances.

Cheers to getting better…



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