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Leave Elegance To The Tailor………

“You have a different crowd every night, so Tailor the show to their mood” ~Jewel~ Everyone has a story some good some not so great. A co-worker and I spoke this week about testimonies well it was more so in … Continue reading

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The Price Of Breath

I don’t want to do much talking nowadays.  What is a movie of images of tear gas and people running away from tanks…is the reality of our lives.  Just imagine if your last name was Martin, or Davis, or Garner, … Continue reading

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Remember Your Locus of Control

In trying to choose what I would write about today, or rather how I could merge all of the things in my head into one, coherent piece, I’ve taken time to really reflect on current events both personal and commercial. … Continue reading

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This ain’t living?

Recently I was speaking with a friend about what I’ve been up to over the past year. Well when the subject of one particular activity arose, he remarked that because I hadn’t been participating in it I haven’t been living. … Continue reading

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From Compton to Contonu: The FaithPrints of Halleemah Nash

“God protects us from things we really want but do not need.  God’s plan are greater than our most creative dreams”- Halleemah Nash, “Endless Summer” Visiting Halleemah’s site, just like her presence, makes me smile.  I’m always in awe of … Continue reading

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At age eleven, I took piano lessons. After about 8-months of taking the class, I told my mom I didn’t like it because I wasn’t learning as fast as the other kids in the class. So, she removed me from … Continue reading

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Lessons of a Love Song

Originally posted on Tuesdays with Bianca:
I heard this song on the radio last night and it bought me to a place that I haven’t been in a long time. The passion in her voice grabbed my attention and drew…

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