5 Tips For Embracing Your New Season

I’ve missed you guys and gals, two weeks too long…

But in those two weeks my life has changed dramatically since we last convened. I’ve moved to NY, started a new job, and I’ve officially begun my new season. As excited and humbled as I still am about the biggest come up of my life, I’ve also just been really nervous since I stepped foot on that train 11 days ago. I was questioning my ability to adapt to a new city, doubting my ability to really grasp and succeed at a new job, and feeling overall pressure from all the questions coming my way from family and friends (granted I know all of their questions have been rooted in love). Two weeks in, and I’m not gonna lie y’all, New York and Google have kicked my butt lol. I will NEVER understand why someone would voluntarily choose to live in a place where they have to FIGHT to even breathe…yes I know I’m being dramatic, but let’s just say NY is way different than Baltimore and will likely never be home for me. My body hurts from being pushed and cramped on my 60 minute train ride everyday and at this very moment I’m being oppressed by heat and humidity. #HOTTTT …As for my new job, I literally walked into a world where everyone speaks a different language; one where I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’. I never in a million years imagined me in a tech space, but here I am, frustrated and almost drowning. So what now?

Well, even in the midst of me trying to keep my head above water, there have been some really awesome moments in this process that I can’t leave out. I’ve gotten the chance to spend quality time with my little sister who lives here. I’ve made some new friends already (which is a big deal for introverted me lol). I’ve visited a new church. I’ve seen a play on broadway. I’ve eaten some really great food. What’s my point? The glass is ALWAYS half full, but its up to you to CHOOSE to see it that way. Are you being brought into a new season too? Well here are my 5 tips in how to truly embrace your new season (in no particular order):

  1. There are no promises that a new season will mean a lighter load. While God may not make things easier for you, I do believe there wont be as much pressure ON YOU. Remember, physics tells us that as you climb in altitude, pressure decreases. Keep on climbing! 
  2. Its almost guaranteed that a new season will require conquering a learning curve, whether its learning a new language (figuratively and quite possibly literally lol) or developing a new skill set, you should EXPECT to be pushed outside of your comfort zone. “Nothing great ever happened in comfort zones.”
  3. You still have training wheels; use them. A new season places you in a space where its ok to ask questions and rely on others for help. Just by nature of your transition, God will place people, places, and things around you to help you get going on that bike, and eventually ride by yourself. REACH OUT FOR HELP, this is the time to do it! Ask as many questions as you need to. Don’t just seek wisdom, but apply it as well.
  4. A new season requires a new attitude. Embrace being uncomfortable. Its only temporary. 
  5. Leave some old things behind. Don’t you dare taint your new season by bringing old poison to the party. SO NOT WORTH IT, so keep it moving. 

What did I leave out? Feel free to share!!

Oh, and I promise to get you guys and gals a pic with my Noogler hat on lol, but until then…

Love yall.



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1 Response to 5 Tips For Embracing Your New Season

  1. TODD CARTER says:

    Congrats Ms. C. Enjoy the journey. Keep doing the amazing, shining and illuminating. A billion blessings of the Lord be upon YOU!!!!!!! POWER STRENGTH VICTORY

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