Today, someone whom I look up to as a strong Christian… a ryde or die believer… a person of secure faith, revealed to me that his faith was recently tested. Literally there was a moment where that admirable strength and trust in the Lord had slipped out of sight for him. As I sat sad about it and praying, I immediately thought of a blog I had written back in 2012 called STRONG BEYOND MEASURE. I needed to be ministered to with regards to this revelation from my friend. So as I do every Wednesday…asking God for guidance…pondering on what I should blog about on my day, I decided to reblog it…to share my thoughts from over 2-years ago, on the topic at hand. I pray you are blessed by it, as today…it has truly blessed me and assisted me as a reminder of how to deal with what I encountered today. God bless you all.


When I hear the word ‘weak’, it takes on different connotations for various situations. For example, “After getting over the flu, I feel weak for days after it’s gone.” “Her solo sounded weak.” “I didn’t fully understand her stance b/c the points in her thesis were weak.” But no matter what… when I hear the words ‘weak’ and ‘faith’ in the same sentence, it always tends to take on the same meaning for me. There is typically no in between.
All of us (believers) have gone through a time when our faith has been tested and tried.

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