Who Really Won Today?

My thoughts on Ray Rice:

If we are to have an honest conversation about the events that transpired today (Ravens running back Ray Rice being let go over an incident where he hit his wife) then we have to understand one thing and its this:

THIS IS NOT A CONVERSATION ABOUT RAY RICE. This is about domestic violence, and as such, BOTH parties in this particular incident played a role in the outcome of today. So if wrong is wrong, why has the conversation been so one-sided today? Why have we only examined Rice’s actions without talking about it in tandem with the actions of his wife? And I know, I know…don’t give me the whole..”historically women have been…” or “most domestic violence cases are perpetuated against…” because I GET IT, I REALLY DO. That still doesn’t dismiss the fact that there were two grown adults, who had too much to drink, and decided to fight each other in the middle of a club, AND THEN GET MARRIED THE FOLLOWING WEEK. I also don’t wanna hear that “well if you’ve never been in it…” argument because trust me when I say I’ve seen domestic abuse first hand way more often than I’d like to admit. I guess the thing that’s made me the most uncomfortable about today is the fact that I witnessed fornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves, and other sinners crucify Ray Rice, essentially casting that first stone, without first taking a hard look at their own sinful decisions. This is a story where a man and woman made a mistake and were trying  to move forward with their family; NOT a story of a monster nearly killing his wife and leaving her for dead, as the media has spun it. They are married, they have a kid, and we should let them live. If this story had different facts, I would likely have a different opinion, but the facts are plain. 

I’m rambling because even I’m unsure about the entire situation (and declare right now that I reserve the right to change my mind)..but I say all this to say:  

Christians, where is our compassion? Where are our prayers for this family? Where’s our support in helping them build a stronger, non-violent relationship? Where’s the spiritual therapy? The league didn’t just fire Ray Rice, they essentially stripped him of income to support his wife and kid, and I am empathetic to that, so sue me. I’m also super empathetic to the fact that I, myself have received more than enough chances to get this thing called life, right… and for some reason God keeps giving me more tries at it. Don’t Ray and Janay deserve the same? At the end of the day, who really won today? 

IDK, challenge me…I love feedback.


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