Get Right… or GET LEFT!!!!!

photo 2 (3)My maternal Grandmother was probably my first memory of what a real Christian was. I’m sure I was exposed to plenty of them outside of her, but seeing my Grandma in action as a believer, was all I needed to see to understand that the God she spoke of was very real to her. I have vivid memories of hearing her praying and crying alone in her room. To be honest, as a kid who lacked the full understanding of a relationship with God, it really used to freak me out. All these years later, as a believer myself, I fully understand the urgency of my Grandmother’s heart…to always have Jesus on her lips…to always be praying and crying out to God for those she loved, their salvation, their health, their marriages, their children… and even those she may not have been the fondest of. 
     She talked about Jesus in conversation with people, like He was her closest friend. And indeed…HE WAS!!! She was compelled to let her light shine, regardless of her circumstances, so that HE could be glorified. My Grandma was the biggest witness of the Gospel I ever knew. As far back as I can remember, I recall her saying, “We won’t know the day or the hour, but Jesus is coming back…soon and very soon.” She always used to speak of preparing for physical death and being spiritually ready; whether you die per usual or being “raptured” to be with God. So essentially all my life, I’ve been hearing about the rapture. When I became saved in 2006, I looked into the book of Revelation in order to educate myself on the topic; and I did. But something about that book of the Bible and the emotion it evokes, keeps me from frequenting it on a normal basis.

     So when the movie The Remaining was released in theaters on Friday, I wanted to see it. I mean, it’s no secret that I’m a Horror genre lover. So, when I saw the preview for the movie and realizing it was a horror film based on the topic of rapture, I was definitely intrigued. I admit, I was a skeptic. I assumed it would be corny. I assumed it would be a rip off of the old ‘Left Behind’ movies from the 90’s…showing people being raptured and only their clothes being left in the seats. Although the Left Behind movies were great back in the day, they never evoked a “horror” movie feel within me. They were more of a suspense/thriller. 
     I was on vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona for my anniversary when The Remaining was released in theaters. A friend of mine who lives there, along with my husband and hers, went to see it together on Sunday night. And let me tell y’all… it was an AWESOME film. It captured the Horror genre excellently, while still staying true to the topic of at hand. It takes a lot for me to jump in my seat, and this movie made that happen several times. The topic of being raptured itself is not scary. To be raptured up to be with our Lord is a gift. Being one of  the remaining left on earth AFTER the rapture has happened… well, that is the scary part. 

     Actually, the word rapture doesn’t even appear in the Bible. Rapture is a term derived from the Latin word rapare, which means, to take away or seize. The term is used to define faithful Christians ‘taken’ in an instant to meet God in His second coming. 1Thessalonians 4:16-17 says, For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, w/ the voice of the archangel, and w/ the trumpet call of God. First, the believers who have died will rise from their graves. Then together with them, we who are still alive and remain on earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet God in the air. Then we’ll be with the Lord forever.
     Although all of us will die someday…some sooner than others, the rapture is a lingering, but ever-present fact for believers to remember that tribulation is upon us and it is only a matter of time. So, The Remaining and past and future movies like it, serve as serious reminder of that fact. I really needed this movie at this moment. I am saved. I am not in fear for my salvation, BUT neither was “Skylar” played by Actress Alexa Vega. She started out very confused as to why she was remaining, because in her words, “I did everything right.” 
     In these times of earthly turmoil, Christian persecution, and evil, we must be mindful to never lose sight of Christ and never to get too comfortable in our religiousness. We must constantly stay prayed up…like my Grandma Feggans (GOD REST HER SOUL) and ready for Christ’s return and constantly be checking ourselves, with the Word as our guide. Whether you die tomorrow in a car crash, ten years from now of an illness, or thirty years from now of old age, we’ve all got to go sometime. Don’t leave where you end up after you close your eyes to chance. Be BOLD and proactive about your salvation at all times! 
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6 Responses to Get Right… or GET LEFT!!!!!

  1. So happy you got me to go see this movie! I needed it too. I’m in Revelations studying it as we speak because of this movie. Great blog sis!

  2. Rich Peluso says:

    Thanks so much for checking out THE REMAINING and the awesome write up you did. So glad you enjoyed it- and VERY cool to read Tuesdayswithbianca opened up the Bible to do some extracurricular reading. One of the big reasons we made it!

    Rich Peluso
    SVP AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures

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