Open Letter To TAYLOR.

I often think back to 2006, when I first joined AMFB Outreach Ministries church. That was when I first met you. You were just a kid then…one sibling of a huge family. I often wonder how I so easily connected with you out of all the other kids in your family and in the church at that time. It wasn’t something I sought out or planned. It was just an organic relationship that others labeled Mentor/Mentee. You know I hate labels!! But regardless, there was a clear and immediate love for you that God placed within my heart. 
     While I was a member of AMFB, I watched you grow…in Christ. Each year, as you matured physically, I saw your spiritual fire grow. I have a confession to make, your walk as a child, inspired me to go deeper into mine as an adult. I mean, I knew so many people considered me your Mentor…but in so many ways, you were a teacher to me. You were the most optimistic person I had ever met. tpw3The economic condition of your family, you not having everything other kids may have had…you truly never seemed phased by it. You just didn’t trip off of much at all. I guess I was always drawn to your wisdom…wondering what it would have been like if I had a mere piece of that when I was your age. 

     When we did the calendar project, we spent SO MUCH TIME together. I was really able to get quality time with the young lady God was crafting during a very pivotal point in your life. It was an honor. The calendar was a wonderful collaboration for us. It really showed off GOD’s glory within your poems. Because of that project, we started ‘The Purpose Writers’ organization. An organization that would encourage Christian teens to create poetry and perform it in secular settings, to be a light in darkness. For almost an entire year, we made an impact with it. tpw4
I remember shutting it down with sadness and tears in my eyes when I saw that your grades had dropped some. You were so disappointed but totally understood because of the agreement we had about grades and school being priority. Although we never started up again, you continued on writing your Poetry regardless. Your heart was pure…you weren’t doing it to be seen or gain fame. So your passion for words and using them to glorify God progressed beyond The Purpose Writers. The organization was only a vessel to help facilitate God’s perfect will.
     In no way am I implying you’re perfect. Nope. I know the deal. You’re human just like the next person. But, it was always your persistence to not allow those moments to define who you would become. That increased my respect for you.
     I remember when you called to talk with me about making the decision to either go to a traditional college or where God was leading…to one based in the Word of God. I remember how your Advisor (I use that word VERY LOOSELY) at your high school, was discouraging you from Bible College by telling you how it’s a waste of time because the accreditation was not up to par. I remember how torn you were. But God won! After you made the decision to attend, you were faced with which campus to attend. Up in the cold mountains of NY State, or down in warm and breezy Florida…close to Tampa Bay. You chose the Pottersville, NY location…essentially in the middle of nowhere. In your words, “I just want to be in a place where I can really focus on Christ. You can be distracted anywhere, but I know me…I don’t need to be near the beach. I am going to attend the NY State campus!” You didn’t know this, but I cried on the other end of the line. I kept it “G” on the phone though. lol. But seriously, your love for God…your commitment to Him…it literally moved me to tears in that moment. As as soon as we hung up, I had a solo praise and worship with God like I hadn’t for a long time.
     Now, here you are… in college… already showing progress and striving for excellence by studying and getting the grades you know you are capable of. You have only just begun a journey that is going to bring yourself and others so much joy and contentment. photo (1)So keep up the good work. While the world is doing it for ‘The Vine’, you have chosen to do it all FOR JESUS…and you’re still a teenager. I know pride isn’t a good thing, but this is a real talk letter from me to you. And yep…I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. The HusbandGuy and I, pray for you. We’re here for you. We love you so much. 
I’m going to leave my readers with your words: photo
I’ll type the rest which didn’t fit in the screen shot: “…know God more. I don’t assume everyone here is perfect, but the love here is genuine. It’s barely been a week. I can’t wait to see what God will do in a year.

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4 Responses to Open Letter To TAYLOR.

  1. Bobbie Patterson says:

    Congrats Taylor on your journey of life & your accomplishments. May the Lord God continue to bless you beyond your imagination. Proud of You Young Lady 🙂

  2. Bobbie Patterson says:

    Jocelyn thanks to you & your husband for being such a good mentor/mentee. Sometime it takes love ones outside of the mother & father relationships to step in to help to encourage & be their for our young ladies & guys.

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