Adventures in First Class…

It’s been two weeks too long, again. My new job is keeping me a busy bee so you guys and gals have to forgive me. I’ve been tremendously pressed to share this with you all, so get excited with me lol. Over the last few weeks I’ve had the chance to travel first class for all of my work engagements. Now, y’all know I’ve explained many times before that I grew up with VERY humble beginnings, (not to mention coming from the non-profit work world where anything “first” is taboo),  soooo needless to say first class for me has been a BIG deal lol. And of course I couldn’t just enjoy this privilege without analyzing every little piece of my experience which got me thinking about why first class is so, well, special. Just what exactly makes people pay an absurd amount of money just to be grouped in “first class”? In the process of me breaking this down for myself, I couldn’t help but notice how many similarities there are in first class to actually being a King’s kid, or you know, a Christian. Walk with me as I describe for you my adventures in first class and see for yourself how as Christians, we’ve been in first class all along…

First class is a very expensive privilege- I have no clue how I was able to sit in first class over the last two weeks (honestly just think God has a sense of humor and allowed me to chill there just for this blog…) but one thing’s for sure, I know that trying to book a first class ticket will ALWAYS cost you a pretty penny. It makes me think about the privilege of salvation that we as Christians have, one that also cost a very high price, that of the life of our savior Jesus Christ.

Having a first class ticket saves time- I legit showed up to my departing flight a good 25 minutes before it departed and yet still didn’t have to sprint to make my flight because I didn’t have to wait in one line. First class service aims to save the customer time. I literally didn’t have to wait in line for checking bags, going through security check, or for boarding. I feel like this is SO TRUE for us Christians, where often times we find ourselves with the kind of favor from JC that it literally expedites the blessing process for some of us who probably don’t deserve anything in the first place. As I walked to my “priority” boarding lane, my entire attitude shifted in that moment lol. I was a priority, and everyone knew it, which meant they viewed and treated me differently, which brings me to my next point…

Being in first class changes your attitude- Yall couldn’t tell me NOTHING when I was in my first class seat lol. I swear I literally thought I was somebody important for the duration of my flight and realized how quickly a 2 hour trip in first class can change your entire mindset around. The same should be true for us as Christians where we TRULY change our mindsets to understand the significance and honor of being a King’s kid. I know if we really understood that, then our mindsets wouldn’t allow our actions to do such ungodly things. And this is NOT about being “holier than thou” or about making non-Christians feel inferior. But this IS about recognizing your worth in the kingdom of God and acting accordingly.

First Class Is Full of Cookie-Cutter PatronsThe only thing I actually hated about being in first class (which was very common on every trip) was the fact that I was often the only woman, and/or black person in first class seating. Almost always were these seats filled with wealthy white men, which isn’t to say they didn’t deserve to be there, but IS to say that others belong there just as well. In the church I sometimes feel like we are so hard-pressed to push people to be the SAME, that we forget the beauty of what makes us different. We weren’t created to be cookie-cutter Christians, but in fact were all given specific gifts and talents to bless the kingdom with. The look on the faces of these “privileged” men in first class as I took my seat was priceless. Its almost as if they didn’t feel I was worthy enough to be apart of their club. How many times have we as Christians deemed someone else unworthy to be apart of this club? After all, didn’t Jesus pay the same price for them as He did for us?

This is super long and super rambly, but it’s also midnight lol. I guess my point is this:

In all of my adventures in first class thus far, while I’ve walked away grateful for the experience I’m also wayyyyyyyy more excited about being a member of the mile high club with Christ, because that’s the first class I will ALWAYS get to be apart of.

Until next time,

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  1. Todd Carter says:

    Thought Provoking…….Great draft

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