Is Your Comfort Killing Your Dream?

Comfort can be the enemy of progress.  One thing I have learned during my 33 years on this earth is that people who lived for just a paycheck never change anything.  For the record, there is nothing wrong with taking care of your responsibilities.  But while many say the leading case of an unsuccessful life is fear, the second leading cause (I think) is settling when one knows they were destined to do more…or do “different”.  I started this year no creating a vision board, but an action board.  I wanted to feel the discomfort of pursuing dreams that were pressed deep inside of me…goals that had no titles, offices, boss, and often paycheck.  I think I also wanted to know if these were truly God-given or Ify-created plans. I firmly believed that if the vision is real, God would provide the provision…even if it came down to the last wire.  Nothing this year was comfortable…but when you’re intent on making your life a “verb,” you expect to be on the go.  Everything wasn’t perfect either, and times when I should have paused, I stepped on the gas pedal—and where I was told to go, I second-guessed and missed opportunities.  But I never doubted that the favor of God, or the visions He instilled in me.  So here are some of the lessons I’ve learned so far.keepdreaming

ifyisms #981: Killing Comfort Before It Kills Your Dream

1) God shows you visions to build the desire to pursue your dream.  But don’t get discouraged when the road to your dream looks like a nightmare.

2) Waiting for “the right time” is a dream killer.  Create the space for the time…and watch God stretch those hours.

3) Be prepared to walk alone when you walk out your dream.

4) Find a way to mark the steps you took towards your dream.

5) God’s will for your life is always greater than what you can see in your dream (so go after what you can see, and prepare room for what you can’t).

6) Create and value a “secret place.”  Even Jesus had to hide to be refilled.

7) Always remember that your dream is never just about you.

8) If it feels like it is too hard…then you probably should go after it.

9) The cousin of comfort is permission.  You never need permission to pursue what’s real.

10) Your dream is real…and maybe even more real than what you see everyday.

To the future writer, director, poet, musician, wife, husband, teacher, President.

I am a dreamer…and I approve this message.




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2 Responses to Is Your Comfort Killing Your Dream?

  1. This post is right on. I waited so long for the right time, because I wanted everything perfect, but quickly learned there is no right time, and nothing will ever be perfect. I am going to share this with my friend who is going through a rough patch. Thank you for this insight and your blog. This is why you should keep blogging and why I have started blogging, to inspire others. Many blessings to you

  2. J. Indigo Saunders says:

    I am currently breaking back OUT of my comfort zone. I have seasons where I go into my comfy bubble…where it feels “safe”. BUT during those times…most often…nothing of purpose is birthed during those times. So I know I’m not MEANT to stay there long. As usual my sis… DOPE post!!

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