The Lone Traveler Pt. 2

After last week’s post on being in first class I wanted to clear some things up lol. Many of you (family and friends) have expressed to me your misunderstanding of what it means to “travel for work”. In your mind it’s a glamorous, luxurious experience that entails lying in a king-sized hotel bed, sipping tea, and watching tv all day. Essentially, you think I’m just on one, big vacation. UM, not quite. So below I’ve outlined the most important things you should know about my traveling gig. I wrote about being a lone traveler a few months back, but this actually builds on that one, thus my pt. 2 title. So here you have it, 5 things you should know about my travel schedule:

Traveling is physically and mentally exhausting. Working out all my travel details, always dragging my big, heavy bags from place to place, living out of a suitcase, and always feeling rushed eventually takes a toll. Saturday, for example, I spent a good 12 hours in transit from one place to the next and literally collapsed into my bed when I got in after midnight. No one handles my travel arrangements (and the problems that exist therein), no one picks me up in a limo lol, and running to catch flights never gets old. I’ve said this before but as a Christian, I understand that sometimes the process or transition that God has us in takes a toll on us spiritually, mentally, and physically but it’s up to us to keep pressing forward in order to reap the rewards at our final destination (like a comfy bed). Are you tired of the road you’re traveling on? Keep moving, God’s got something special waiting for you.

Making good decisions while traveling can be really difficult. Clean eating is SO HARD to do when traveling because you’re always eating out (or ordering room service which is no better). Its so easy to go through the drive-thru because its been a long day or to get the most comforting (which almost always equals unhealthiest) meal on the menu at a nearby restaurant because you’re stressed from a days work. I also always find myself struggling with retail-therapy, spending way more money than I need to while I’m traveling lol. When I think about this in the Christian-realm, we know first-hand that temptations were even more present once we decided to travel along the path of righteousness. But as followers of Christ-He himself who was also tempted- we know that overcoming those temptations is possible. Yall pray for me to make better decisions lol. What kinds of decisions have you been making lately?

Yall forget that I’m still working. Being in a different city every week sounds super glamorous until you realize that 99% of my time is spent in work-mode and NOT vacation-mode which many of you seem to think it is lol. No, I am NOT visiting touristy spots in a city, nor am I sipping cocktails and eating desserts on a beach somewhere. Most times my trips are packed from start to finish with business meetings, planning and executing events, responding to emails, working on external projects, and doing it all over again. This reminds me that as a Christian we should remember that when we signed up for this job, we were NOT promised a glamorous life (at least here on earth). We are expected to be working for the kingdom until our job is done, being used in the way God created us for. Being a Christian is not always going to be a Joel Osteen kinda thing, and its up to us to promote a more realistic picture of what living as a Christian actually means. How are you showing the people around you the realness of Christianity? 

I am always expected to tip others. Whether its the bell hop who carries my bag, the concierge who hails my taxi, the waitresses who serve me, or the caterer who brings food to my events, I AM ALWAYS SHELLING OUT TIPS. Now, this is not to say that these folks don’t deserve it, but it is to point out that its actually a huge part of my traveling life that I’ve just come to accept (no matter how annoying it is sometimes). Even in instances where I didn’t feel like a person actually deserved a tip, I know that I pretty much have to out of respect for my mama and representing how she raised me lol.  Case in point, I literally asked for cutlery to be brought to my room last week and the person who brought it up legit waited to leave my room until I tipped. What does this remind me? Well, even when we don’t want to, just remember that as Christians we are called to help others and GIVE out of the love we have for God especially when we feel someone doesn’t deserve it. When’s the last time you gave out of love to someone who didn’t deserve it?

Traveling can be lonely, period. There are lots of ups and downs that happen in a week of travel, and in all that happens I’m usually in my feelings by myself just by nature of my job. As a King’s kid, I know that it’s often VERY lonely in trying to walk a clean, pure walk when the world around you in constantly pushing against your beliefs. Now, more than ever, is the time to draw closer to God in those moments because I’d rather be a lonely lover of God than a sociable lover of the world. Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing after all. I’ve discovered that the more time I spend alone, the more comfortable I am in my own skin and in my beliefs. Perhaps being lonely enough to call on God is exactly what we need at times. Have you been feeling lonely in your walk with Christ lately? Welp, thanks for letting me vent lol. Can’t wait to come back next week.

Later gators,



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3 Responses to The Lone Traveler Pt. 2

  1. boldandfab says:

    April! Thank you so much for your transparency about your journey. It definitely blesses me right now to hear that although I may feel alone at time along the way, I’m not alone at all. ❤ Celine

  2. Rickey says:

    Good Stuff! Way to handle your business. There’s a time for all things … Play time will come later. Keep up the great work and keep maintaining your focus. Will put in a prayer for ya! 🙂

  3. J. Indigo Saunders says:

    Girrrllllaaa… you know what, I have found that since the majority of people DO NOT TRAVEL for work… since they are usually confined to a cubicle or an office space, the idea of people saying #wheelsup gone again to the next location, just sounds like a lot of excitement b/c it’s DIFFERET than the norm. So they completely FORGET that you say travelling FOR WORK and only hear/see TRAVELLING!!!! lol. Great post my B&F sis. Love & miss u.

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