Playing Your Position

offensiveline-footballAnd He commanded them all to sit down by groups on the green grass. – Mark 6:39

The other day during our morning devotional, our pastor pointed out that when Jesus performed the miracle of feeding the multitude, before there was provision he told the people to get in position to eat. At that point they didn’t have any food or know where they were going to get it from. As I meditated on that one verse throughout the morning, it was placed on my heart to write about the ways that we position ourselves for the blessings that we desire and whether we position ourselves as if they’re coming. Of course, do this after checking our motives and alignment with the will of the Most High.

Also, a while ago I had this conversation with a loved one. We spend our lives wanting to get in the game and there are times we’re pretty sure we’re in it, but then she asked me, “How do you know where the end zone is?” I’m not ready to answer that yet, but I’m still pondering the question.

So today I just want to write to those thinking about the position they want – whether it be husband, wife, any career, mother, father, etc. Or it could even be a position that you already have that’s in need of a miracle. On occasion some may fall into a role that requires them to sink or swim, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. What about that role you’ve been dreaming to play or fill?

Here’s a thought –

Get in position.

What are you willing to sacrifice now, work at now, for the blessing later?

Are you willing to –

  • Swallow your pride and ask a qualified person to mentor, counsel or teach you what is needed to fill that role.
  • Work a job for less or no pay to acquire the skills necessary for the position and pay that you want.
  • Forgo dating and/or courting until you’ve worked out personal issues that could hinder or hurt a budding relationship.
  • Commit to study instead of party, or whatever “fun” you could get into, in order to acquire the skills necessary for that position.
  • Sacrifice those things you may want to do in order to do the things you need to do to fulfill your role.

Seneca, a 1st Century Roman philosopher said, ““Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That doesn’t sound like luck at all to me. Sounds like someone who’s done the work. Each of us should be prepared so that we’re ready when the opportunity to fill that role arrives.

Play the position.

For example, scripture says, “he who finds a wife…” Surely, it’s not saying a man found another man’s wife. No. She’s not just a woman, but a woman who displays the qualities of a wife. More than likely through interaction he will see her going about her life in such a way that he knows she is her.

What better way to be prepared for a role, to receive a miracle or blessing, than to already be in position for it; having acquired the skills, sharpened the skills, and already acting the part. Exhibit the qualities so that you’re actually seen as the right person for the position before you’re given it. Someone who’s watching you may be saying or hear someone say they need someone who has your skill set… And be able to say – “I know a guy (or girl).”

Get in the game.

I said I wasn’t ready to answer the question about the end zone, but as I write the thought occurred to me… Be prepared and in position for your opportunities and when you’re called into the game, that’s definitely worth celebrating. Your end zone? Performing well and being a blessing to others as you fulfill your role should prove fulfilling on its own. However, you’ll look up and notice blessings that you didn’t anticipate.

God is ready to overwhelm you with more blessings than you could ever imagine so that you’ll always be taken care of in every way and you’ll have more than enough to share. – 2 Corinthians 9:8 ❤


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