The Dropoff: What We Leaving Behind in 2014?

dropoffI don’t know about yall, but my mind is pretty DONE with 2014.  Which is not entirely a good thing. After all, tomorrow is not guaranteed.  But while many are thinking about all the new-new they about to walk into for the upcoming new year, I struggled to find thoughtful processes that allow us to shed the not-so-great-things we don’t want to see in the new year.  And being that 2015 is creeping up so fast, I wanted to share some of the questions I’ve been reflecting on.

1) What unhealthy habits of mine are preventing me from even opening up myself to a relationship? (yup…I’m diving in…up close and personal)

2) As it relates to ministry, how am I REALLY doing?  Are there other “things” that are getting in the way of me serving in the AREAS I’M SUPPOSED TO? (note: it is possible to serve incorrectly, even in the church)

3) Attitude check.  Review the relationships that didn’t go so well this year (which is fine, because sometimes, people are only here for a season). What bad behaviors can I take responsibility for that led to any of their downfalls?

4) Finances.  WTF is it about that F-word that makes me cringe!??? And how do I tackle that?

5) Do I have any expectations of myself that I need to dropoff?  Are there any expectations others have of me that I need to get rid of?

I get it, maybe it is too early to be stressing about 2015.  The reality is, most things do not just change overnight.  So over the next two months, think a little more about what needs to be dropped off.

What do you need to drop off before 2015 rolls in?

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  1. boldandfab says:

    lol @ night cap… this was awesome!

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