Get Off Your Mat & VOTE: Churches Can Decide Midterms

church votersDon’t let no one fool you.  The church still plays a major role in the fabric of today’s society.  During the last couple of months, it has been encouraging to work with faith-based leaders that recognize their role in the progress of black and brown people in America.  Since this is my last time writing before Election Day–which is this upcoming Tuesday, Nov. 4th–I want to give some last minute tips to faith leaders.

1) Accept that Justice is a Part of our Faith. Let’s not glamorize the church, ok.  Truth be told, Martin Luther King, Jr. had just as much an uphill battle with black people of faith as he did with resistant bigots.  And even today, some of our most influential Christian leaders refuse to touch on politics, lying to themselves that it doesn’t belong in the church.  Well, I’m busting pulpits this morning. THE LIES YOU TELL! In Isaiah 1:17, it says “Learn to do good; seek justice; bring justice to the fatherless; plead the widow’s work.” Seeking justice for the church must go beyond a sermon.  And let’s break it down even further: we are to bring justice to the fatherless.  72% of Black children are raised in single-parent homes. (Pause: we need to STOP being offended about this statistic and just deal with it. There is no judgment, and darn sure needs to be no judgment from the church).  Instead of preaching about a past sin that cannot be reversed, let’s work on protecting all children by any means.  This means paying attention to policies, political leaders, and laws that affect our day to day lives. And all those things…start with a vote.

2) Use Your Email Listserve to Remind Your Congregation to Vote. This takes three major steps: 1) Open your computer; 2) Send an email that says: Don’t forget to VOTE this Tuesday; 3) Press “Send.”

3) Buddy Up, and Drive, Walk, or Jog to the Polls. Plan now to roll with someone to the polls on Tuesday.  And make sure those with disabilities are taken care of.

4) Cut the Sunday Sermon Short and Take the Church to Vote. Trust me, Jesus will be ok. Just saying “go vote” is not enough.  Start a motor processional to the polls.  Recognize that folks may have different voting locations.  Organize in clusters based on voting locations before driving off.

What other ways is your church getting folks to the polls?



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