COGIC Crisis

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock the past couple of days, I’m sure you’ve seen (or at least heard about) the video of a young man at the altar, proclaiming, “I’m not gay no more.” For all of you who may be unaware, here it is real quick: 
I’ve seen so many opinions about swirling about this video, but mostly, I’ve seen an attack on the church. People making statements like, “See this is why people don’t go to church.  — This is foolishness.” I’ve also seen statements like, “These gays always want attention. — He twirling around and will always be gay. — I wish he could just accept the beauty of who God created him to be as a gay man and just live his life without shame.”
Well, I’ve watched the clip a few times and it raised a couple questions for me…

1) Did the whole scene seem weird? Yes. Not in a staged way, but it was just different to see someone at the altar confess their sins out loud. Generally, just the act of walking to the altar itself, is a outward sign of inward repentance. It is something you are doing in the public without shame of how it appears. It is true humility because your desire for forgiveness is stronger than your pride. But the actual sin is usually not divulged to the entire congregation, but instead, you bring it to God privately (albeit in an open setting) and request deliverance and prayer for whatever it is, at the altar.
2) Did it feel contrived and insincere… especially with the additional indecipherable babble and dance portions? Absolutely. But, who am I to judge another person’s sincerity, based on ‘my feelings’? I’m not God.
Here is the part that I think all the naysayers and skeptics do not fully grasp…
This dude went to the altar ON HIS OWN. He wasn’t forced. Sorry Gay America, he has A DESIRE to change. Regardless of how ridiculous we think he looks, or the platform in which it was done, it is not for us to judge the authenticity of his proclamation. Change
The Pastor seemed to become annoyed with the congregation directly following the dude’s confession. He yelled, “If you can’t praise God with him, you’re an unbeliever. Now somebody believe God with him.” I could totally understand where this Pastor was coming from. Someone has publicly walked to the altar to be delivered of something. Not only did he walk there on his own free will, but he publicly shares why he is at the altar with everyone in the room. He is proclaiming freedom in Christ from something HE FEELS has kept him bound, and there is barely any rejoicing in the room. I’ve heard louder praising when Pastors prophesy that everyone who gives $500 today will be wealthy in 90-days.
There seems to be a serious issue with homosexuality in the church and in the Christian community in general. In the case of this video, how it’s gone viral, and the negative statements that have been made regarding gay men, it is clear to me that too many Christians are all talk. You talk about God’s infinite ability to heal, supply, and work miracles, but you refuse to believe He can change the heart of a gay man.
I’m pretty sure if the same dude had said, “I’m no longer a thief. — I don’t do drugs no more. —  I’m going to honor God with my body and abstain from sex with my girlfriend until marriage.” Not only would it not have gone viral… no one would have cared. There is an underlying and implied reality in the Black church and that is, being gay is the worst sin of them allLiarLiar
On the flip side, the church & Christian community seem to have an unhealthy obsession with those who are comfortable living as homosexuals. It bothers the church to hear, “I was born this way. — I’m gay and a Christian.” Why not love them anyway. Why gossip? Why pound away at their self-worth? Why Bible thump them? Why do you not treat every sinner you know, the same way you treat them? Trust me, you know plenty… look in the mirror.
Although much of the music ministry in the Black church is gay… although there are people actively struggling with their sexuality on a daily basis; it is not something they openly admit because they know they are considered the worst of the offenders. I have sat in churches with a slew of unwed pregnant females, but the Pastor takes verbal shots at gays and ‘the gay agenda‘ week after week. The last time I checked, God said we ALL need grace & repentance. The liar needs it and so does the murderer. The adulterer needs it and so does those having STRAIGHT pre-marital sex. How did being gay become the sin to trump all other sin? I am so befuddled.
Someone help me understand.
The bottom line is, we all need to focus on our vertical relationship. We need to love people and pray for those we see astray. That includes way more than gay folks!! We also need to learn to take several seats when a person doesn’t feel how they’re living is actually “astray”, by allowing people to have their own vertical relationships with God. We don’t all interpret scripture the same, and that’s actually okay. We just need to believe God at His word…how we receive that truth, and live our lives accordingly.
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