Happy Birthday Mama!

So today I have the distinct privilege of being able to blog on my moms birthday, so I wanna take full advantage of this platform by sharing my prayer for her this season. I solicit your prayers for my mother this season and thank you in advance for your love!

Dear God,

I first want to thank you for loving me and for showing me each and every day what love actually means and how it means to love unconditionally. You have have covered me and protected me for 27 years and counting, allowing me to live a life without fear or doubt and filled with hope and peace. I thank you for the greatest gift of all time, that of Your selfless sacrifice and salvation through Christ and for your grace & mercies bestowed every second of every hour. I love you God, because you first loved me and for that I forever indebted to You as Your servant.

I now want to thank you for the second greatest gift of my life, my mother, the angel you sent on your behalf, who has literally been the physical embodiment of You, Lord in my life. Like You, she has loved me unconditionally even when I cursed her or failed to appreciate her the way she deserves. Like You, Lord, she has provided for me and protected me, raising me to be the woman I am today; a woman who isn’t afraid to take on the issues of the world and fight for what I believe in.  Like You, Lord, my mother has sacrificed everything for me to be where I am today, delivering the selfless love that has propelled me forward while many times holding her own self back. I thank you God for sending me a best friend and a confidant in my mother, giving me the BEST example of how to be an outstanding mother and wife some day.

And now God, on behalf of the wonderful woman that is my mom, I want to ask that You mark this day, November 17, as the best day of the rest of my mothers life! I ask God that you so allow each day following this day to be the most fulfilling, peaceful, joyous days that my mother has ever seen. Give her a new season of prosperity, excellent health, strength, and encouragement to live the life that you created for her. Breathe into her a new breath of life, that she may go forth and do even greater things in this season, impacting the lives of others the way she’s impacted mine.

Finally God, I ask that you continue to mold me to be as great of a woman as my mother is. Use me to make a difference in the lives of others like my mother has done for every person she has crossed paths with. Equip me with the likes of her intelligence, class, and style (You already gave me her looks lol) but also push me to operate with humility, respect, patience, and love at all times in the same way my mom has. Allow me to pour into others but especially my mother when she needs it the most.

I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ,



Mama Michele

Happy birthday mom, I love you SO MUCH!

-April Christina

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