An Attitude of Gratitude

be-grateful“Whenever you share a joy it’s doubled. Whenever you share a pain it’s cut in half.” – Rick Warren

This week I’ve thought about several topics to write about and settled on my gratitude. What better time to count my blessings than during this week of Thanksgiving. So here goes…

This year I’m grateful for –

Unconditional Love. This year more than ever I’ve been mindful of my choices and those of others. I now recognize that relationships aren’t about finding people who are the same, but choosing to love despite and through differences. I’m so thankful for those who’ve chosen to love me, and who appreciate my choice in loving them. My life is so much richer for the love in my life.

New Perspective. Being willing to see things with new eyes has truly been a blessing to me. I’ve grown from many experiences this year. I’ve had to accept where I’m wrong quite a bit. Many times I’ve had questions and God has gently tapped me on the shoulder and let me know when it’s not my circumstances but how I’ve looked at them that’s gotten me feeling down or overwhelmed. I love him for his guidance and direction and those he’s placed in my life to open my eyes.

Being Pushed to My Limits. Many times this year I’ve been on the brink of losing it only to realize that I’m not doing this alone. I’ve learned to rely on God and others more. Even through times I’ve been disappointed, it’s been a blessing to know what I’m capable of on my own, what grace has brought me through and when to ask for help. It’s a process that I gladly continue. My relationship with God and others are richer and deeper for it.

Peace of Mind. This year some of my most challenging relationships have been brought to a head and turned on their head. Facing what is and my feelings about them has taken me through the ringer. I can truly say that by pouring God’s love on the situation and having tough conversations with others and myself has been a path that’s lead me to peace. I’m now able to think about the people with whom I’ve endured painful relationships with peace in my heart and interact with them without aching. Prayer truly changes things. But God.

Being Given a Voice. Receiving and accepting the invitation to be a part of this blog sisterhood this year has been a Godsend. I used to get a burning in my chest and lose sleep whenever I felt that I was not heard or did not get my point across. Being able to express myself, even the painful, well especially the painful stuff, has helped me to sleep better at night. The burning in my chest has ceased for the most part. Now there’s a burning in my heart to continue to share my experiences and encourage others with what’s been placed on my heart.

I know I haven’t covered all of my blessings this past year, but these are the main things that came to mind today. Have you counted your blessings lately? ❤


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