But Did I Ask You Tho?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that there are times when grown folks decisions really bother us. Take it a step further, we will also admit there are times when those folks PERSONAL decisions that actually have NOTHING to do with us, bother us too. Yes y’all…even I have been guilty of this from time to time. blog-nothingtodowithyou

     What’s crazy is, when we are in those moments, we truly and honestly believe we have the right to express our opinion(s) on the matter at hand. Sure, it’s completely natural to want to see someone you love and care for win in life. So when that person deviates from the plan and chooses another direction, especially without consulting us about it, we’re nuts enough to take it personally.

A few days ago, I posted this meme I made with two of my photos, to my social media. blogMeme

I was compelled to post it after a conversation I had with someone who had “a word from the Lord” for me, regarding a recent personal decision they heard that I made. There were several problems I had with the conversation but the two that I’ll address for this blog today are:

1) I did not solicit her in regards to that conversation.

2) God had given me a completely different ‘word’ in my prayer time. So are you calling God a liar? Or are you implying you’re the only one who hears from Him via Holy Spirit.

Since God is not a God of confusion or manipulation, based on that conversation, I’d have to assume the person is completely out of line and speaking based on her personal feelings towards my decision. At the end of the day, this person cares for me and only wants to see me do well in life but my decision seems risky and like it could take me in another direction. So instead of trusting the God in me and just admitting, “This actually has nothing to do with me, so I’m going to but out”, she spoke out of pocket.

Let this blog be a mirror to any of us who have allowed our feelings about what someone is choosing to do with their lives, make us feel we have a say in the matter. Shoot…make us feel like we have a right to FEEL anything about it. lol. It’s not your life. People’s paths change. People get in touch with their purpose sometimes and make moves accordingly…it may not always look how others think it should, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Sure, people do make impulsive decisions, but sometimes, decisions that look impulsive are very well prayed out. But even that information is personal.

Your decisions as an adult should never need to be explained to a person who is not even involved, nor affected by the outcome. Seriously. blogexist

Most importantly, remember that you have also made choices others may not have agreed with. You had to walk out your journey on your own. Someone had a word for you before that you didn’t ask for, nor did you heed because in your heart, you already heard from God on the matter yourself. Other people’s discomfort about your decisions that have nothing to do with them, have to become non-factors to us when we are walking out this path called life.

In general, we win some…we lose some…but regardless, we always learn a lot. That in itself is a reward. Living our lives is a very personal experience. Don’t allow meddlers to manipulate you out of the most fulfilled one. Your life is a true blessing!

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4 Responses to But Did I Ask You Tho?

  1. Aisha Samara says:

    Lots of people need to read this. So on point.

  2. This will hopefully inspire someone to do some introspection about this tendency that people have from time-to-time, to give unsolicited and not always well thought out or well-prayed about advice. Once we know God secretly, and have an intimate relationship with Him, it would be known that our decisions flow from obedience in Him. He is our source, collectively AND personally. Thanks for the heartfelt post!

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