Walking Papers


and do not give the devil an opportunity. – Ephesians 4:27

There are lies. Lies that are told, spread, and believed. However, the ones that affect you most are those that you give power by allowing them to have a stronghold in your own mind. I’m guilty of walking around with the weight of a lie for over a decade. Which lie is that? I am not forgiven.

We often talk about the prison we place ourselves in by not forgiving others, but seldom discuss the prison we stay in when we accept the unforgiveness of others ourselves. Longing to be forgiven by someone who will not forgive you can be just as damaging. Walking around with the weight of a label that I am not forgiven has affected my life in ways that I hadn’t even realized. I allowed things to take place, and took on some undue punishment because I felt unworthy of being treated better. When I stop to take inventory of my life and all of the things that I’ve been through, I have to wonder what would’ve been had I walked out those years in the truth.

I AM FORGIVEN. I thought I knew that for sure several years ago, but it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I truly embraced it. God reveals to me more and more each day just how worthy I am. My self-worth isn’t tied up in anything I did in the past, anything I do now, or anything I could do in the future. My self-worth is tied up in what Jesus did (Colossians 2:13-14).


It is human to tie our value to what others think of us, especially when those others are people we’ve looked up to and admired, even those we once looked to for guidance. When these folks speak into our lives and what they say holds so much weight for us it can be hard to shake. Be careful placing value in the words of people because they can have a fickle nature. Only God is the same always. Be careful who you allow to speak into your life. Always use your God-given power of discernment and ask for his guidance and wisdom in every matter. Ask – Who sent you? – regarding people who feel entitled to speak judgment over your life. Let God have the last word and final say in your life.Justified

Once I realized the truth about whether or not I am forgiven – “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,”  I could walk in it (1John 1:9). Yes, I was walking before, but now I have pep in my step that I couldn’t have with the weight of unforgiveness I was subconsciously carrying.

I now know that it is no one’s place to grant me forgiveness. If I ask God, he will do it. So I’ve given that lie and the folks attached to that lie their walking papers. I’ve got my freedom papers and am moving forward. I’m excited about what lies ahead of me. With God’s grace, I pray that one day they’ll catch up.

What lie will you gain freedom from? I hope you do it soon. I love the joy and peace I am experiencing in this new found freedom. Join me. ❤


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2 Responses to Walking Papers

  1. J. Indigo Saunders says:

    That’s deep sis!!! Wow. Praise God you KNOW that’s a lie b/c we both know, YOU ARE FORGIVEN. Christ paid it ALL so you can be free!!!!!!!!!!! You’re writing is so introspective and brave. I’m constantly inspired.

    • Celine says:

      Just seeing this Sis! Thanks as always for reading and sharing your inspiration, perspective and experiences with me and the rest of the blog-reading world. Love you!

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