Won’t He Do It!!!!!!!!!!

My blog today is simple. I just want to remind you and encourage you. With what, you ask?

REMINDER: Your purpose far exceeds even what you can imagine; and although you may not see it now or be equipped for what it requires…

ENCOURAGE: God is already fully stocked with every tool you could ever need to take on and succeed in your journey. So get excited and stay excited!!!

     This past Sunday, I led praise and worship for the first time in my life. Although throughout the years, I have sang on many-a-choir and praise team and although I have sang as a Gospel artist on numerous stages… leading praise and worship has always been off-limits for me. I have always felt that praise leaders are anointed specifically for that because it’s truly a gift! Just because a person can sing, doesn’t mean they know how to set up songs to flow into one another to usher people into worship. Being transparent… this has always intimidated me. So I’ve just steered clear of it.

So, the former Assistant Pastor of my church (The Bridge DC), recently planted a new church called… photo 2

His wife asked me a couple of weeks ago, could I help them out with Praise & Worship, a few Sundays here and there, while they are in the process of praying to God for laborers and soliciting people for their new church. Piggybacking on my blog from last week… Being of service to them was an honor!! But once it really sunk in that I would actually be leading the praise team, my fears rose up to the surface and I began to feel inadequate.

     This past Sunday was ‘the day’. Me, leading worship in a Sunday morning church service. My drive to the church was almost an hour. That entire time I prayed for God to quell my nerves. I prayed for Him to give me the right ad-libs to sing and the right words to speak. I’m not going to lie… the prayer did nothing to help my nerves, but I know that God heard me because I heard, “Trust not in your ability…trust me.

So the small praise team of three ladies (including myself, a keyboardist, and a drummer), got up there and allowed God to have His way. It was a success! Not every note was perfect; not every transition was seamless; but GOD WAS GLORIFIED. He was magnified. The church was about 75% full on it’s first Sunday morning open and I was able to help usher the spirit of the living God into the sanctuary. All I could think was,

“Wow God. You did that!”

photo 1

Although I didn’t cry, I felt very emotional. Praising God for his promise that ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love and serve Him faithfully (Romans 8:28).

     Sometimes we all need a reminder…no matter how big or small, that we are not in control. One of our biggest challenges as Christians is believing God at His word in application…not just in theory. Trusting Him above ourselves is a daily road we must travel. Get excited about His purpose for you. Get excited about Him stretching you. Get excited that He is even using you to begin with. It’s a privilege. Glory to His name!

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4 Responses to Won’t He Do It!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Aisha Samara says:

    Won’t HE DO IT !

  2. vivianfeggans1 says:

    This is a very powerful read. You have articulated so beautifully what I know (even though, if I’m not vigilant, I sometimes walk outside of its truth): One of our biggest challenges as Christians is believing God at His word in application…not just in theory. This is excellent!!!

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