No Warning…

We live in a day of everyone having a heads up on almost everything. We live in a society of
real-time social media. We are forewarned about pending blizzards and storms. Our country has a system of ‘terror alerts’ when there are looming terrorist threats. b&fWe even have the heat-advisory index to warn us about the severity of the summer heat, hours before it reaches its peak.

I think that we’ve gotten so accustomed to being forewarned, that we’ve lost our ability to cope with the sudden shocks and surprises of this life. We have been spoiled by technology. As believers, even we have gotten caught up in the hype. We have forgotten that things do happen and we don’t get a heads-up about it. Good and bad things. 

This morning, my friend Bianca sent out a text, asking prayers about a new ISIS situation that just surfaced in Iraq, which involves more Christians losing their lives. Shortly after that text, my God brother sent me a text asking prayers for a brother in Christ who was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. A few hours after that, the same brother in Christ posted this to his Facebook: photo (3)Literally, my heart dropped. I mean, just like that? Wow. Although Cancer is not a sudden occurrence…it takes time to manifest and grow, the knowledge of affliction often jumps what seems out of nowhere. Once we are informed, it’s a shock to us and others. We empathize and have compassion. We pray. We cry. We just can’t believe it. If we only had a heads-up!!!

As believers we understand that although things seem to sneak up on us…none of it sneaks up on God. Why does God allow these sudden bad things to happen to those of us who appear to ride the hardest for Him? Well, if we read our Bible, we know that there are many reasons God allows sickness in our body and disease in the earth. God uses them to bring about His sovereign purpose even if He was not the creator of the evil Himself. Sometimes He heals us. Other times, He allows it to be used as discipline against sin. Then of course, there are the times where He uses it to show His own omnipotence. God has a supreme way of making everything in every situation, glorify Himself. John 9:1-3As He passed by, He saw a man blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents?” Jesus answered, “It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

Believer, it is time… it’s time to revive our faith. It’s time to activate God’s power in our prayers. It’s time to believe God at His word and believe He is a miracle working God! It’s time to remember that regardless of how sudden misfortune seems to appear, and regardless of what we don’t understand… we have to keep a posture of praise and peace because He knows all and we know… b&f2

Our job as believers is simply to trust Him in all circumstances. We may not always get a heads-up, but we have access to God before, during, and after these critical moments. Let’s take full advantage of our open lines of communication while it is available to us.

*Wednesdays With INDIGO*b&f3

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  1. In EVERYTHING, give him thanks. Beautiful post. Thank you.

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