No More Pushing Pedestals, pt. 2

I decided this topic needed an encore. encore
As I saw the views on last week’s blog increase day after day, I knew it wasn’t over. I needed to go deeper.
I gave several ‘hypothetical’ examples of people being put on pedestals, but this week, I’ll give a personal one.
Over the years, there have been lots of people who have put MY MARRIAGE on a pedestal. I’ve been asked to consider leading a marriage ministry before. We’ve been solicited on the spot about marital advice. I’ve had people tell me they wish their marriage was more like mine. We have heard it all!
It is true… We married young and have almost twenty-years under our belts. 
It is true… We are totally in love and have a great relationship.
It is true… We travel/vacation fairly regularly… at least once annually.
It is true… We don’t argue much.

DSCF5755It is also true… In that 18+ years, there are a few years we have battle scars from.
It is also true… We’ve had moments when we questioned if we even liked each other.
It is also true… We’ve faced challenges and questioned financial decisions.
It is also true… We’ve disagreed…A LOT!!
Bottom line? We are imperfect people. So although we feel that we’re doing well with this gift of marriage that God has blessed us with, we know we aren’t experts on the topic of marriage. Our success in years should not put us on a pedestal. We are not the authority to tell anyone the best route to take or not to take. Our only job as believers is to lead people to Christ and His holy Word. I’m not saying I’ll never answer a question or give advice if asked. I’m saying we are not to be looked to for direction. 
Do I feel that some information we can offer regarding marriage, could be a blessing to somebody in their marriage? Sure I do. But that type of information often comes at a price. It often requires a level of transparency that would require you to allow people into personal/private moments within your own union. God bless those who are okay doing so, but as for me and mine at this time… that is not our ministry. When I share that, it tends to disappoint the pedestal pushers. But I say, rejoice that we aren’t the spokespeople for what marriage should or shouldn’t look like. All glory… all seeking… all desire to heal, fix, repair, & make right, goes to the big guy on high. 
That’s our final answer because we need Jesus just as much as the next couple does.
So again, to reiterate last week’s blog final thought… The moment we hold others in high esteem; above others, based on our perception of their worth/worthiness, is the moment we lose sight of God’s value.
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