Seeking God or Seeking Seasons?


Spring. Birds Chirping. Breeze flowing.
And allergies.

Yes, the same season of blossoming also at times is a time of pollen attacks, watery eyes, and congestion.  Even in or spiritual walk, the seasons in our life which invite growth often are at times not reflected in our daily expectations.  And especially post “Easter” Sunday, in the space called Pentecost (which is undercelebrated in my opinion) we find ourselves searching for another theme to cling on to, another “hope”, fast, devotional, that’ll get us closer to our answer.  Even myself, as I’m battling a possible sinus something or other in my left nostril, I have given my headache a headache trying to find an anecdote.

The bad thing about problems and expectations is that they are the easiest gateways to spiritual lust- the feeling that you must have what you want, when you want it….all because of your commitment to some Godly focus. Further disappointment sets in when it appears that the potency of our prayers is a mere placebo, changing nothing in our environment or condition. But even worse than the distraction itself, is that it removes us from our immediate purpose: drawing closer to God. While listing all we want or all we’ve lost, God also presents opportunities for us to value what we’ve already won: a conversation with Him.

Part of the reason many of us aren’t that great at prayer is because we’ve reached too many “well what’s the point” moments, reflecting on prayer seeds that failed to bloom. I, too, have fallen periodically in the trap of “I talk to God all the time,” as a way to reconcile His apparent ignoring of my requests. But if the only parts of planting that bring you joy are the planting and the final flower, you’ve missed the growth in the soil, the purpose of rain, the fact that the new growth survived the scorching sun, natural and artificial pests, and at timea, growth in spite of neglect. Because God desires for us to see our wholeness, I am of the belief that He wants us to approach Him already in that whole state, appreciating the whole experience of Him…not just the garden.

Every day is Spring for He who created seasons.  Let’s work on seeing each day as an opportunity, each prayer as a blessing, and every answered prayer as a bonus.  Each part of our relationship with God is a cause to celebrate.



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1 Response to Seeking God or Seeking Seasons?

  1. boldandfab says:

    Ify! This piece is so beautiful… Our relationship with God is so poetic. And to think, with all this allergy sinus stuff that’s been going on all I could think regarding Spring lately is that I’ve identified the season that I hate. And her through you He’s turned that around. ❤ C

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