That Awkward Moment When The Pilot Leaves The Cockpit DURING A Bout of Turbulence

Hey yall, Happy Monday 🙂

Short and sweet…

On my flight home the other day, the plane hit a pretty tough patch of turbulence and I was legit scared (yall already know I’m a nervous flyer). I fly enough to know what’s severe and what’s not AND THIS was up there in ROUGH. And in the first time in all my years of flying I was amazed to see one pilot come out of the cockpit and use the restroom DURING THE BUMPS and BANGS of this turbulence; and when he was done, his co-pilot came out to do the same. Pretty sure they could both see the look of horror on my face (I was in the second row) as they crept to the bathroom and in my mind left the plane and passengers to its demise. But alas, after a few minutes (which felt like forever), the winds calmed and we arrived at our destination safely.


That face you make when you’re scared for your life and the pilot don’t care. (-___- )

Tonight is honestly short and sweet because the lesson was so incredibly clear to me even in that moment on the plane. Ever been through a season (and likely one of the bumpier seasons of your life) where it felt like God had stepped out on your situation for a “break”? Me too.

I’ve learned that even in the instances where I feel like God has left me by myself, He still seemingly had things under control. I truly believe that there are just some seasons in our lives where God wants us to experience our circumstances in what feels like isolation. But the real test is whether or not we still operate as if He’s there and IN control. Lest we forget, even Jesus came to a point in His life where He questioned God’s presence (see Matthew 27:46). I’ve literally lived through a couple seasons where I felt like none of my prayers were being answered, I was physically feeling the pressures of stress, and I just couldn’t hear or feel God’s presence and EVEN STILL I made up in my mind to worship God and love/trust Him no matter what. What will YOU make up in your mind? Will you crumble under the pressures of life and let a little turbulence shake you up? Or will you trust that God IS and will forever be IN CONTROL?

Anywho, until next time folks. Love yall.


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2 Responses to That Awkward Moment When The Pilot Leaves The Cockpit DURING A Bout of Turbulence

  1. J. Indigo Saunders says:

    I’m sorry boo, but this was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I can’t imagine. Have done many-a-flight but ain’t NEVER had this happen. lol. I love how you seamlessly tied this in to the Gospel…to God’s sovereignty in all things. Thanx for the blog.

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