It took me almost two-weeks to address this, but better late than never I guess. I mean, there’s been so much breaking news within the last couple weeks…the newest sensation is the Bill Cosby admission story; I’m wondering if it’s a mute point now. But, since I’m a woman of my word, I’m going to do what I said. Here goes…

The problem w/ Christians… why we look so wishy-washy and non-credible, is because we fail to get worked up about SIN across the board like we do about sins that BOTHER US MOST!!!!

Gay marriage IS legal in this country now…gayBlog2

Whether you accept it or not; it is the law of the land in 2015. The way I see it… it’s all prophesy being revealed. No worldly thing(s) snuck up on God. If you say you believe HIM…why the debates? Why the hatefulness & negativity? Jesus is still Lord & His will WILL be done in this earth regardless. The Word hasn’t changed. If we don’t read it or if we choose to manipulate it for our own selfishness… we will be judged accordingly. But here’s the kicker…

This doesn’t apply to one group of people!!!!!

When is the last time you gossiped about your sister? When is the last time you lied… stretched the truth to get more back on your taxes or something equally “harmless”? When is the last time you had sex out of wedlock? When is the last time you used God’s HOLY NAME in vain? I could throw out questions all day. So instead of bashing something you don’t identify with… remember you have struggles and areas of your life that still need working on. Pray for ALL SINNERS to get to a point of REPENTANCE before Christ returns. Period. Our focus needs to be on HIM because He does HIS JOB oh so well.

Reminder: We aren’t God, so we can’t exact justice/wrath on anyone!!gayBlog3

Nowhere in this post have you seen me say, not to speak up on God’s behalf. As believers, it is US who are His mouthpiece in this earth for those who aren’t connected to the vine. So, absolutely…don’t be passive when it comes to telling the World of the TRUTH. Just remember that while you’re on the Gospel SoapBox, you aren’t wrongly directing your personal hatred for a group of people. There is NO HATE in LOVE!!!
I can’t help but to chuckle at the #LoveWins moniker that the gay community has adopted based on the marriage equality decision. I remember using the hashtag almost a year ago on Facebook to express how happy I was to make it to 18-years of marriage.FullSizeRender

When I think even deeper…

I know that the REALEST of LOVE, WON when Jesus gave His life for me.gayBlog4

I am forever grateful and no law of this land is bad or good enough, to ever make me lose sight of that fact! Jesus NEVER operated in arrogance and negativity to get His point across. He simply LOVED and SHOWED the people what a holy life looked like by LEADING BY EXAMPLE. We all must strive to do the same.

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3 Responses to #LoveWins

  1. vivianfeggans1 says:

    I would want to have responded to the gay marriage act in the way you’ve done so eloquently. In fact, I’ve tried; I did okay, but you’ve wrapped this up so nicely that one would be difficult to not “get it.” If we spent half the time trying harder to walk with the compassion, love, and righteousness (by which I mean, putting on fairness and justice in all things) that Jesus and his followers did, we wouldn’t have time to spew out judgment, disapproval, injustice, and exclusion for the “other.” As Rev. Ed Bacon (All Saints Episcopal Church) said on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday couple weeks ago, that if Jesus were to come back today . . . he would [undoubtedly] be disparaged, abused; even killed. Because, Jesus would say radical things like, you must show love and concern for the homeless beggars on the street, the Iraqi mother who just lost her child to war, that Iranian man you’re thinking of bombing, the gay or lesbian person you’re thinking of excluding: they ALL have the Kingdom of God within them; God is in them and they are just as valuable as we/you are; they are just as advantaged as you are before God. . . . God does not show favoritism. Excellent post!

  2. vivianfeggans1 says:

    And I love this: We aren’t God, so we can’t exact justice/wrath on anyone!! Exactly so! Amen.

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