Walk It Out!

So, it had been a while since I last opened my home mailbox. Most of my bills are paid online, but those few that aren’t, go to my PO Box. So I only check my home address to clean it of spam mail. Well this morning, I realized it had been about two weeks since I last checked. When I opened it, inside I saw a package. The return name was my boss… the Owner of Andy Kushner Entertainment Design.
I was clueless as to what he would/could be mailing me. I mean, all my checks are direct deposited. And besides, I’m officially on maternity leave until after my baby is born. My final gig with the band was two weeks ago. So again… clueless. After I opened the package, I saw a small vile of what looked like vinegar or something. I was like, “What the…?” Then I saw a small handwritten note attached. Here it is:
You guys… can I please tell y’all that I sat there at that mailbox with tears in my eyes…crying and thanking God for this non-materialistic gesture.

First of all, this man is my boss. He cuts my paychecks. Our relationship is a professional one that has seen it’s share of tension, stern words, and meetings to discuss unpleasant band issues. Just being honest (he will admit this himself), he has not had the most pleasant disposition in general over the last few years I’ve known him. But 2015 has been a different experience with him. He has become more pleasant, personable, and caring towards us (his singers & musicians). He even recently treated us (the entire band) to a D’Angelo concert. However, even with him being this new Andy, I still was emotionally unprepared for the beauty of what this gift truly signified for me. FullSizeRender (3)
Let me break it down…
Bottom line… this was his personal vacation trip. For him to have me on his mind at all is a blessing. Take it a step further; he could’ve brought me back any random souvenir… a t-shirt, a magnet, or even nothing at all. But instead, he brought me back a gift that honors my faith and love for Jesus. My boss is Jewish, so we have different belief systems in regards to faith/religion. So, in the moment I opened that package and read that note, it was confirmation for me that I’m definitely on the right path as a believer. 
Even when it’s challenging to walk in Christ’s love and to live Christianity out loud & on purpose daily… do it anyway!! No matter who is of a different faith; no matter who you may possibly offend, never play small with regards to the Gospel. Be a bright light in Jesus name. Be a witness of His goodness and mercy everywhere you go; even on your job. People are indeed watching and taking notes. 
Sure, some people won’t be able to take you. You’re doing too much. You talk about God too much. You’re so over the top, super-spiritual, and judgmental {even when you never claim to be perfect or have all the answers}. You just know that God does and your confidence in Him is on fleek, so I guess that can look like arrogance to someone who doesn’t know Him like you do. On the other hand, there are going to be those who even use your zeal for Christ against you… making it their mission to tell you why you aren’t Christian or spiritual enough. Pay them no mind.
Just SMILE like… 
FullSizeRender (2)
Live daily for what I like to call, “true-fruit-moments” like the one described in this blog today. I’m telling y’all, there is no greater reward to me in this earth (besides being saved) than knowing someone sees the God inside you; sees the passion you possess for the cross, even with your flaws, and decides to give you their own private kudos for it… even if they don’t realize they are even doing so!!!!! That’s how God works. He exposes Himself to others in HOW WE LIVE!! He’s so amazing and ALWAYS finds a way to get the glory in every situation. 
Today, I am thankful for the gift I received from my boss. I am even more thankful for the God who lives in me, making being the receiver of such a gift, mean so much to me.
1 Peter 3:15 — But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is within you; yet, do it with gentleness and respect.
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