So I Bought a Gym Membership, Now What?

SOooo, a few weeks ago I bought my first gym membership to the Harlem New York Sports Club nearest my apartment. What prompted that, you ask? Well, considering the fact that most of my hobbies revolve around eating, Netflix, and books (sometimes all at once) I figured I needed a more “active” hobby to balance all that awesome R&R. That, and the fact that I legit can’t fit any of my clothes anymore (cue panic attack) is what brought on such radical behavior.

The problem is, I have absolutely NO motivation whatsoever to be in anybody’s gym. There’s probably nothing scarier to an extreme introvert than the idea of publicly and purposely sweating in front of strangers who are probably all judgey and nosey..and well, I’m dramatic, but still. The point remains, I loathe physical activity and therefore haven’t used said gym membership. So now what?

I feel like this is much like when one decides to become a member of a church, or even more generally the body of Christ. It’s like, we reach a point where we know we need to get our spiritual body right, and feel compelled to join a church but then never really activate that membership. How many of you are “members” of a church but don’t actually go consistently? Or even if you do go, how many of you actually exercise while there? You know, like working in a ministry or building strong relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

In my case, I realize two things to be true 1. If I don’t have a goal, I’m not motivated and 2. I tend to set really ambitious goals for myself (sometimes too ambitious). Therein were my issues. I had no real specific goal, except for a vague vision of “getting fit”. The same likely holds true for your spiritual fitness. Have you no goals for how you’re truly going to get the most out of your church membership? Perhaps it’s time to start putting some in place. Start small. For me it was just to get to the gym and run on the treadmill twice this week. Easy peasy, right?

Next week maybe I’ll increase that to 3 times, and the following week I suppose I’ll add in some weight training, but the main thing is to DO SOMETHING NOW and not become complacent with just being a couch potato lol.

Most importantly, I’ve already paid the yearly fees and would HATE for my money to go to waste. Is this not also true for us as Christians? Because of Christ, our debt is already paid- IN FULL. It’s up to YOU, however, to really take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a member of the body of Christ. Don’t let it go to waste.

And with that, I’m off to the gym folks. Wish me luck 🙂

-Until next time,



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Don’t Judge Me

cosbyBack when I was twenty-four I did some things that led to me being ex-communicated from everyone I knew as close friends and family. It was a very confusing and painful time. It has taken me many years, prayers, reading, meditation, missteps, mistakes, trials and triumphs to work through it all. Get the picture? It was hard work. Relationships are hard work. But I’ve found that the benefits far outweigh the effort.

The people whom I once trusted to speak into my life were no longer in it. It’s been seventeen years. In that time I’ve built new and stronger relationships which I cherish. There was a time when I was relieved that no one was checking on me. Now I look for, hope for and welcome it… Continue reading

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Let The Right One In

Air-Filter-Reminder-GraphicRecently my air conditioner broke down and I was truly worried that I would have to replace the whole system. That would have been a really huge bill. However, to my relief once the system was defrosted, I received the advice that I only needed to ensure that I changed the filter, not by the recommended 90 days but sooner and also change the kind of filter that I used. Just thinking about that got me to thinking about how important it is to filter what I allow into my life, and how doing so effects my relationships. I’m truly grateful for this valuable life lesson… Continue reading

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My Kid – Free Range or Nah?

ParentalControlWhen you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof, so that you will not bring bloodguilt on your house if anyone falls from it. – Deuteronomy 22:8

Some parents put up gates to keep their children from wandering near stairs and falling. I never used those. DW was allowed to crawl up and down the stairs when she was able to. She never really got into mischief when she was a toddler. Fast forward about 8 years… Continue reading

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That Awkward Moment When The Pilot Leaves The Cockpit DURING A Bout of Turbulence

Hey yall, Happy Monday 🙂

Short and sweet…

On my flight home the other day, the plane hit a pretty tough patch of turbulence and I was legit scared (yall already know I’m a nervous flyer). I fly enough to know what’s severe and what’s not AND THIS was up there in ROUGH. And in the first time in all my years of flying I was amazed to see one pilot come out of the cockpit and use the restroom DURING THE BUMPS and BANGS of this turbulence; and when he was done, his co-pilot came out to do the same. Pretty sure they could both see the look of horror on my face (I was in the second row) as they crept to the bathroom and in my mind left the plane and passengers to its demise. But alas, after a few minutes (which felt like forever), the winds calmed and we arrived at our destination safely.


That face you make when you’re scared for your life and the pilot don’t care. (-___- )

Tonight is honestly short and sweet because the lesson was so incredibly clear to me even in that moment on the plane. Ever been through a season (and likely one of the bumpier seasons of your life) where it felt like God had stepped out on your situation for a “break”? Me too.

I’ve learned that even in the instances where I feel like God has left me by myself, He still seemingly had things under control. I truly believe that there are just some seasons in our lives where God wants us to experience our circumstances in what feels like isolation. But the real test is whether or not we still operate as if He’s there and IN control. Lest we forget, even Jesus came to a point in His life where He questioned God’s presence (see Matthew 27:46). I’ve literally lived through a couple seasons where I felt like none of my prayers were being answered, I was physically feeling the pressures of stress, and I just couldn’t hear or feel God’s presence and EVEN STILL I made up in my mind to worship God and love/trust Him no matter what. What will YOU make up in your mind? Will you crumble under the pressures of life and let a little turbulence shake you up? Or will you trust that God IS and will forever be IN CONTROL?

Anywho, until next time folks. Love yall.


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It’s Such a Little Thing

photo (16)For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. – Luke 8:17

I have a bad habit of putting things off and not addressing them until they become uncomfortable. I’m not sure why. I know that this is a bad habit because the very issue I’m ignoring, I already know that it’s an issue that I will need to handle, face, and correct eventually but often put it off. I’ve been down this road before, but not on the same matter. This month it was a cyst that has been on my upper lip for months. At first you could not see it unless I either pointed it out or pressed my lips together. However, the last couple of weeks it’s been on fire. Very red and of course it hurt. Continue reading

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Where They Do That At?

Just when I thought I’d be blogging about my feelings on the Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner situation today, God showed me the story of Kelly Mayhew, and how much it parallels Jenner’s story.

On Saturday, Mayhew and her mom took a trip from Suitland, Maryland to Queens, NY on Saturday so that she could receive butt injections from an unlicensed practictioner. While on the table being injected, she began to experience difficulty breathing. Shortly after, her mother called the ambulance as her daughter got worse & went unconscious. She died at the hospital hours later. Mayhew

The day before this news erupted, was the Bruce Jenner Vanity Fair cover, with him revealing himself as Caitlyn. Caitlyn

Although there has been outrage at these fake Doctors who are doing dangerous cosmetic procedures on people, I have noticed a serious negative slant towards Mayhew in people’s comments and status posts on social media. “Why the hell was she getting her butt pumped when she already had a big booty?” Continue reading

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