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From ME To ME

Many people still participate in the yearly ritual of making New Year’s resolutions only to have them quickly fall off come spring. Others refuse to even participate in what some call pointless. I’ve always had an aversion to setting goals. … Continue reading

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Check 1 Check 2…

Three years ago, I found out I have Cardiac Dysrhythmia, also known as Arrythmia, or in layman terms, an irregular heartbeat. I remember how scared I was when I was first diagnosed because heart disease runs on my moms side … Continue reading

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Thanking Trouble

Every week, I feel like I am always saying (with a sigh) “It is always something new.”  Last week, I am sure it was something (‘though I can’t remember).  Yesterday, it was a trip to the ER.  And as if … Continue reading

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Finals Week Reminders

With the end of the semester coming, the itch to get back home is increasing. Everyone has a slight spring in their step. And the fact that campus has been decorated inside and out from the North side on the … Continue reading

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