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My Failed Fast

Sooooo I completely bombed Lent this year. And I feel horrible. Perhaps I set myself up by giving up way too many things that I love. Maybe it’s because I had no accountability partners this go ’round. Or I suppose this whole … Continue reading

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Why The Church Needs to Thank Beyonce (my rant)

I been thinking…I been thinking… It seems everybody’s talking about Beyonce…but the church.  Or should I say, most of the church ain’t talking out loud.  Ever since her self-titled album Beyonce dropped last winter, no twitter or news feed has … Continue reading

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Abuse in the Church…What Do You Think?

This blog is going to be very short, because I kind of wanna hear from you, the reader.  This week has definitely been a sensational and disturbing week for the African-American community.  As many of you know, one of the … Continue reading

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