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Teachable Moment

Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s a first time for everything”? Well, it’s true in every way. Yesterday morning, I woke up with something I never had before. A blood shot red eye! No, I’m not talking about Pink … Continue reading

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Ebola: An Illness of Compassion

Fetu Kekula, 22, had a house full of family members infected with ebola.  Too far from a hospital, the young nurse-in-training did not run for safety, nor did she just sit in a corner and pray for their recovery.  She … Continue reading

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Be About It…

At approximately 1:45am on Friday August 8th, my In-Laws house caught fire. There was substantial damage to their home of 40+ years. Many of their most cherished items and keepsakes were lost to the flames forever. BUT, thanks be to … Continue reading

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Simple Humanity

At 6:00 this evening, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to share today. I almost thought I would skip this week. That was until I ran into a familiar friend. A friend that may not even remember me … Continue reading

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