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My Failed Fast

Sooooo I completely bombed Lent this year. And I feel horrible. Perhaps I set myself up by giving up way too many things that I love. Maybe it’s because I had no accountability partners this go ’round. Or I suppose this whole … Continue reading

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Turn Down For What? Oh…it’s Lent

All across America, the last two days have been significant periods for people of faith.  Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, was a day many indulged–watching their last favorite shows  before banning them for six weeks; getting sick off of grease, … Continue reading

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40 Days and After….

I was recently asked what I was giving up for Lent and answered quite frankly, “Nothing.” Having gone to Catholic school for the majority of my life; I remember being taught about the season of Lent and acknowledging the Stations … Continue reading

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Yea I Give it Up

Double decker, warm, extra sweet chocolatey cake… Triple-blended mocha frap with whipped cream on top… Red, red wine… Cheesy, seductive, reality shows… Sexy slow jams at night… Being nosy on social networks… (puts head down in shame) Lust. What’s your … Continue reading

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