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Remembering What to Pack

So I’ve enjoyed my short break from traveling over the last month, using my time to get settled into my new place, exploring Harlem more, and most importantly NOT living out of a suitcase lol… But as I gear up … Continue reading

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PSA: There will be NOTHING within my blog today that any believer should take issue with, because I’m choosing to post scripture as the BULK of my piece today…regarding the TOPIC that is on my heart so strong right now. … Continue reading

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Character Counts

I waited all last week for big news from a prospective job opportunity and literally drove myself crazy waiting for that phone call. Don’t yall know God has a sense of humor though? I got the call I was waiting for, … Continue reading

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Love it! or List it!

“Surrender yourself to the LORD, and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7 My daughter and I often watch this show together. It’s one where a family is struggling with the current structure or layout of their home and two experts … Continue reading

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The Mark of an Unnoticed Influencer

A couple Sundays ago, on Father’s Day, my Pastor gave a “Father of the Year” award to a member of the church.  I have seen such awards given at other churches, and it is not uncommon that such an achievement … Continue reading

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The Main Event

Originally posted on Tuesdays with Bianca:
We live in a world where a person’s success is measured by a major event… a graduation, a promotion, an engagement, a milestone birthday… You get the picture. It’s no wonder why many believers…

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4 Signs You Are A “Reluctant Leader”

So it’s 2014…I didn’t quite get the church memo on “what” this year is the year of (increase, favor, double for your trouble, fake it ’til you make it…I dunno, you decide).  While my prayer partner (P-squared, for short) and … Continue reading

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