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Don’t Judge Me

Back when I was twenty-four I did some things that led to me being ex-communicated from everyone I knew as close friends and family. It was a very confusing and painful time. It has taken me many years, prayers, reading, … Continue reading

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Peace/Piece Maker: Gauging If You’re Building or Breaking Others

Is she putting the eye in?  Or pulling it out?  While looking for a graphic for this piece, I thought how perfect this one was, how many ways one could interpret this piece–and how applicable it is to our every … Continue reading

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Dear Janay Rice, You Are Stronger Than Most Credit You

Dear Janay Rice, I am sorry. I am sorry that what you went through is repeated for others to analyze, visualize, and capitalize. I am sorry that while you may not have been in a position to speak up for … Continue reading

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Anywhere, USA–(Rooters) An unofficial report has been leaked revealing that after studying human interaction for generations, most conflicts started from one thing: the eyeroll.  Yes, in private homes, cafes, and even workplaces across America, emotional sensor cameras have picked up … Continue reading

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Yes I’m Judging!

So, it’s close to April and hopefully we’re all seeing AMAZING things happening in our personal lives. We’re achieving all kinds of dreams and goals by now, since we’re almost a whole four months into our New Year’s resolutions! NOT. … Continue reading

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Life After Termination

This will be short. While there is no hierarchy of sins, humans are funny.  We talk about sharing our testimonies, its power, and how they are supposed to help others break through walls.  We shout and scream at the bishop … Continue reading

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Today, I am compelled to blog about being careful with assumptions and presumptions regarding the faithfulness of other believers. So many times I’ve heard people compare their Christian walk with the walks of others. If they don’t speak how you … Continue reading

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