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The Edge of the Mountaintop: Reflection on King’s Final Speech

Is it possible that part of the reason why God does not reveal all that you are asking for is because you may not be able to handle all that comes with what you are asking for?

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Get Right… or GET LEFT!!!!!

My maternal Grandmother was probably my first memory of what a real Christian was. I’m sure I was exposed to plenty of them outside of her, but seeing my Grandma in action as a believer, was all I needed to … Continue reading

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God & Cars

Have you ever had God speak life into you with the most basic analogies? I mean things that are so simple, but yet so complex to the point that you just KNOW it had to be God’s voice. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Simple Wisdom

For some reason today’s entry did not come easy for me. I knew what I wanted to share but I couldn’t seem to find the words to express what I was feeling. Call it writer’s block or distraction…I sat looking … Continue reading

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Is Love Ever Blind?

Today it seems I have more questions than answers. Decided I’d share a random thought that came to mind a few days ago that led to some real soul searching and prayer about the topic… “Love is blind.” Love is … Continue reading

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