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Independence Day is a movie that I have watched hundreds of times. If I’m flipping channels and I come across it, no matter what part it’s on, I’ll watch it. Lately, I’ve been struggling to release myself from someone that … Continue reading

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No Warning…

We live in a day of everyone having a heads up on almost everything. We live in a society of real-time social media. We are forewarned about pending blizzards and storms. Our country has a system of ‘terror alerts’ when … Continue reading

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I Have it Under Control

Today’s blog is a praise report…That I didn’t plan to write today, but just didn’t feel right not doing. I had the apology all written out in my head. Even though I’d outlined it earlier in the week, I just … Continue reading

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What’s Up Doc?

On Monday, I went in to Holy Cross hospital for a scheduled, outpatient, surgical procedure. In 2007, I actually had the same surgery. It was easy peezy! Barely any residual pain…nothing that an 800mg Motrin couldn’t remedy. I remember leaving … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

Snow days, government shutdown, the flu…  It’s been a season of discomfort, and forced stillness.  If you weren’t slowing down, taking stock, taking time to reflect, life gave several opportunities to do so during this long winter season.  Things may … Continue reading

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Faith-Elevators Can Let You Down

So let’s imagine, you’re on your way to work. You’re about to be promoted to the top executive and you have one last interview to be to before you get the promotion. Well, the baby kept you up all night. … Continue reading

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