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The Edge of the Mountaintop: Reflection on King’s Final Speech

Is it possible that part of the reason why God does not reveal all that you are asking for is because you may not be able to handle all that comes with what you are asking for?

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Process Makes Purpose: Dumping Perfection as a Goal

PART 1: Before You Cut Another Glossy Magazine For Your Vision Board We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.”  It’s been drilled in our heads since we were learning to tie our shoes or french braid or long division.  … Continue reading

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Is Your Comfort Killing Your Dream?

Comfort can be the enemy of progress.  One thing I have learned during my 33 years on this earth is that people who lived for just a paycheck never change anything.  For the record, there is nothing wrong with taking … Continue reading

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Character Counts

I waited all last week for big news from a prospective job opportunity and literally drove myself crazy waiting for that phone call. Don’t yall know God has a sense of humor though? I got the call I was waiting for, … Continue reading

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That moment you run out of gas pulling into your own driveway. No, that isn’t a random sentence… it really happened to me today! I’ve had my own car since I was seventeen and have never run out of gas … Continue reading

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Part I: The Dilemma

Originally posted on Tuesdays with Bianca:
On Day 8 of my fast this month, the devotion referenced the passage Romans 8:1-4, 8-9 GWT. I decided to go directly to the Message translation because in most cases it’s the version that…

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Visions for the “non-vision board” visionary

Put them scissors down…you ain’t fooling nobody! Instead of cutting those mags…you busy reading them (again)?  You have been to every vision board party and only managed to cut out a picture of a pair of binoculars (’cause you wanna … Continue reading

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