Child-like Dreams!!

I had such a vivid imagination as a child. I could transform my reality in seconds and take on the make believe life as if it was the real deal. I would be a school teacher one minute, a princess the next, a mommy to my two favorite baby dolls, a hairdresser… you name it, I could dream it up and act it out. Somewhere along the way real life took over. I no longer found the time to imagine… to dream. Responisibilities, career, relationships took up my time and imagining a different life seemed so childish. That is until until my first lady, Dr. Dee Dee, did a lesson on “Dreams Do Come True.” It was such a powerful lesson, I wish I could post it for all of you to witness. I even used a portion of it in my documentary because of the huge impact it had on my life.

In short, she spoke about not giving up on dreaming. She tied in the fact that today we are living in another man’s dream…Martin L. King, Jr. We have Barack Obama as our President. We can sit next to men and women of other races without the threat of being sent to jail. This is all true but it didn’t hit home until she said, “Start dreaming again! Someone is depending on you to dream! … When are you going to start dreaming so someone else can live inside your dream!” WOW!!!!… All I heard was “Get your life together B!”

So I began dreaming again. I wasn’t just dreaming though. It was just as though I was back in my childhood days. You know when you played make believe you took on the body of whoever you were. You acted it out! If you were a superhero you had the blanket as your cape and you were jumping off tables and beds to save the day! As a child, you weren’t just sitting there dreaming it up in your head without any role play! So don’t get all old and boring just because you’re an official adult now. Keep dreaming, keep role playing… keep pursuing what may seem impossible. Nothing is impossible with God.

Just last Sunday, my pastor encouraged us break out of routines. If it was just going a different way home, do that. Go to a neighborhood that you see yourself living in and sit a while. Take a different type of vacation this summer… family reunions are cool but don’t let that be your highlight! What I’m trying to get you to do as I encourage myself to do the same is to LIVE. Don’t let anyone limit you. DREAM. Don’t let anyone stop you. ACT. Nothing just happens. Put yourself in the position to take advantage of every opportunity that life has to offer and never give up. We need you and more importantly God needs you.

Be Bold,

Be Fabulous,


Tuesday with Bianca

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4 Responses to Child-like Dreams!!

  1. Indigo says:

    Yes sis. I remember you telling me about this sermon and I was anxious to get a copy of it. Those are some VERY POWERFUL words. I also remember my child-like imagination…my innocent, untainted mind and how far it stretched. Insecurity and anxiety was a non-factor. I think that with Christ, we all possess the ability to capture that again…at least a piece of it. We can undo the bad things that have happened to us to harded us, but we can surely DO and DO it to God’s glory in order to DO better and dream BIGGER. I am thankful for my dreams b/c it’s proof that God gave me desires to be better. Gotta make it happen…whatever IT is. God is worthy of our efforts. Thanx for this post. Awesome.

  2. Very good post! I serves as a good reminder to live life to the fullest. I support this notion whole-heartedly! I just spoke to some kids at an elementary school encouraging them not to be like most of the adults they see; but to always dream and have fun. It is amazing how much we get jaded over time so not only is it essential for us to jump start our dreaming but to make sure our youth never stop.

  3. Mom Dukes says:

    Here’s my spin on this.. dreaming big is great, as long as it lines up with God’s will for your life, because our “big” may not be His “BIG” for us. Believers should always, ALWAYS expect God to enrich our lives, spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, through the contexts of His Omnipotent will..that way, we’ll ALWAYS have the best, and NEVER be disappointed! Thanks for the encouraging words Bianca!

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