Bottom Up Versus Top Down

My colleague said something today that got the wheels in my brain turning today. In talking about a project that we were working on and the direction that we should go, my teammate suggested we take a bottom-up approach versus a top-down approach. She explained that sometimes the best way to drive your vision forward is to make demands from the bottom as opposed to waiting for instructions from the top. In other words, sometimes we have to make moves and be confident in those moves without being so dependent upon directions from others.

This conversation made me think a lot about how I am so hesitant to act sometimes because of my need for confirmation of some sort from God, when often He simply expects me to take the bottom-up approach. Are you in a place in your life where you’re sitting idly by waiting for God to give you directions for your vision? Did you ever consider that perhaps He’s waiting on YOU to make your demands and move? Are you only engaging with God in a top-down approach?

This is short and sweet tonight because I think the principle alone is powerful enough to ponder, so I challenge you this season to start making moves and quit wasting time waiting around for God to give you directions when He simply wants you to GO and DO!

What are you afraid of?


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