If he won't do it, someone else will

Sort of as a sequel to my note on ***Knowing Your Worth, I just wanted to add a blurb that simply states: If he won’t do it, some one else sure will. If he doesn’t do the small, chivalrous things that you deserve…keep it moving…because there IS that right someone who will TAKE THE INITIATIVE to see you happy.

**Drops mic again. lol. thats for you Ify

On a more spiritual note…

I’ve come to understand the same principle applies to our relationship with God. He has hand picked His chosen few (See Matthew 22) and for those few, He expects much. If we ever want to get more from God, and I mean more spiritually, we have to be willing to DO more in the relationship, like you would expect from a partner. Sometimes we cannot just sit around and wait for God to instruct us on what we CAN and SHOULD be doing, but instead we have to learn to TAKE THE INITIATIVE. We like to ask God simple, surface level questions that could easily be answered by simply reading His Word. Now, I’m definitely not saying that for many things we shouldn’t wait for discernment and direction from God, but for some things we must get up and JUST DO IT, like Nike. lol

We are the vessel and God has given us the responsibility to love and tend to His people, through our earthly actions.  At some point, if we don’t do it, someone else will…God certainly doesn’t have to wait on us…

Your challenge this week:

Get up and take the initiative to do something pleasing to God. Go out of your way to help someone unexpectedly, without God having to egg you on. After all, its the little things in a relationship, right?

_April Christina_

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