For some reason, teenagers think I’m REALLY cool. They know I am technically old enough to be their mother, but yet…somehow they see me as someone they talk to about peer, school issues, and even fashion advice. Somehow, even in my 30’s, I don’t threaten their teen-sensibilities. But being honest, until about two-years ago, I never cared to spend longer than five-minutes in a room with children of any age…teens or otherwise. 
Back in June 2008, my Pastor asked me if I would consider teaching the Teen Sunday School class because God had put it on his heart to ask me. I immediately told him no. In my exact words, “That’s not me Pops! I don’t have the time it takes to commit and prepare to be an effective teacher. Sorry.” He asked me to consider it and I declined immediately. Over the course of the next six months, I was attacked on so many levels. Many things I was working on and considered important to me were falling apart.
So in January 2009, I participated in a corporate fast w/ my church. During this time, I was deep in prayer and DEEP IN MY WORD. God was purging me and simultaneously pouring into me. I was convicted during this fast…shown by God Himself that HE was reaching out to me through my Pastor because of a plan that He had for me. During this time, I sincerely repented and subsequently, that next month, I met my Pastor at church and apologized to him for disregarding what God had placed on His heart. I told him that I wanted to start teaching the Teen Sunday School class IMMEDIATELY. He e-mailed me the study materials and I’ve been teaching ever since.
Since that time, God has opened my heart to the teens in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. I am thinking of ways to enrich the lives of impoverished youth from the time I wake up in the morning, to the time I go to sleep at night. Everything God has had me do from the time I was saved until now was a proving ground, if you will…toughening my skin to be ready for my ultimate purpose of pouring into the lives of impressionable youth. Every twist and turn my life took prior to surrendering to the cross, was all a preparation course…a course to take me through particular circumstances which would minister to their young lives and possibly encourage them to take a different road while making God the CENTER of their lives.
If I was left to myself… That is a thought that continues to invade my mental space and it keeps me humble. Had I been left to my own devices, God would not be using me to touch their young lives. I would be using valuable time on something I deemed as more important. My new organization, THE PURPOSE WRITERS, would not exist. My camaraderie with the teens would simply consist of a hello and goodbye on Sundays, just like it used to be. So, I praise God for surrender. I exhalt Him for who He is. I am grateful for conviction. I thank God for revelation and showing me another area that He desired to use me in. I love the Lord and all His BOLD tactics… the bitter and the FABULOUS sweet.
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8 Responses to A MENTOR? WHO ME??

  1. theresa pink says:


  2. Bobbie says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

  3. HANK LLOYD says:

    God has a purpose for everyone, he had you teach, your Pastor planted the seed in hopes of it growing inside of you, it may have taken some time, but in the end God will get the glory from you, walk in his path and stay upright for his word, and you will not go wrong, good job in the teaching of the youth, they are so important to this world to be taught good standards from a Christian environment.

  4. hampton alum says:

    Teens are my heart so i can respect your current stance. Thank God for changing your heart.

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