Online Altar Call

This post goes hand in hand with Indigo’s, so if you haven’t read her’s yet PLEASE check it out…

Otherwise, I am going to postpone my original blog post for a simple message…

In light of the tragedy in Japan I simply wanted to reiterate two things:

1. IF YOU ARE ALIVE TODAY, you have N O T H I N G to complain about. Period. 

Thank God for your life THIS INSTANT! Literally, fall down, and LAY PROSTRATE before His throne and THANK HIM for EVERY  S E C O N D that you have been given. I don’t know why God breathes life into me each morning, watches me each moment of the day, and lays me down each night, but I DO know there MUST BE something left for me to do. WOW. Thank you God for continuous Favor and Mercy. If you haven’t prayed for Japan yet, do it now! God hears. Below are links on how you can help with your pockets!!

2. If you do NOT know where you will go when you die, PLEASE give Christ your life. <Yes I am doing an ONLINE ALTAR CALL> Salvation is a FREE gift to us. The price was already paid. All you have to do is

A.ccept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

B.elieve that He died for your sins and rose again after His death.

C.onfess all of your sins and

D.eny your way for HIS.

***If you ARE saved… you have been CHARGED to spread the Gospel and win souls for the Kingdom. THE TIME IS NOW! GET UP AND ANSWER THE CALL.


World Vision Online Donations

To text your donation to World Vision, text “4JAPAN” or “4TSUNAMI” to 20222 to donate $10.

American Red Cross

Be Blessed this week.


-April Christina

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1 Response to Online Altar Call

  1. Indigo says:

    Wow sis. This DEFINITLEY goes hand & hand w/ my post. Very good segway!! Also, thanx for the donation info. You rock A.C.C.

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