Do you believe in angels? No, not the ones on TV with halos, in all white, and big broad wings. I’m talking about everyday, average looking people who come into your life and breathe new life into you…if only for a moment. They introduce you to new experiences, new ways of thinking, building you up and telling you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear. You know, that person who when they speak to you, you feel that God is using them as a connector. It’s not that He won’t speak to us directly, but many of us haven’t matured enough in our hearing to distinguish His voice… so God will use His people to do the job. It’s funny because often when He does speak to us, we refer to Him as “something.” You know you’ve said it, “something told me to walk away”… or “something told me that was a set up.”

 I truly believe God plants people in our lives to draw us closer to Him. I’m so very thankful for the people that God has put in my path to develop me in ways that I couldn’t develop myself. I didn’t’ grow up in the church. Well, let’s say I grew up acknowledging a certain “religion” not God.  I’ll leave the denomination a mystery so not to offend anyone. I learned when to stand, when to kneel, when to be silent, went to pray, etc. What I didn’t learn was how to have a relationship with God. That’s where religion gets in the way. People are so used to “doing church” but they aren’t used to living right. A wise man said, “There is no life in religion.” It’s based on tradition and keeping with a certain structure. I couldn’t get with that at all.

At 13 years old, an angel entered my life and I gave my life to the Lord in a parking lot of an abandoned shopping center. I’ll share the full story one day but that’s not really where I was going with this. The point is that even when I didn’t know God, I heard His voice that day, but it was through someone else. An angel. I can’t imagine where my life or my family’s life would be if I didn’t hear Him and most importantly move on what I heard. I wish I could say that I listened for His voice and that He’s ordered my steps every day since, but that’s not the truth. My choices stunted my growth, but all the while I know that He was with me because of the people who have come into my life that have been walking examples of His love and blessed me with true friendship and spiritual leadership. I call them my angels.

Believers have a major challenge on their hands. We have to learn to distinguish His voice amongst an orchestra of other voices that interfere with us hearing Him properly. You know, the friends that try to get you to fit into their mold. The family member that’s constantly reminding you of the mistakes of your mother or father to predict how your life will end up. You must be careful who you lend your ear to. You can’t take advice from everyone. Pray for God to bring people into your path that add value to your purpose. Who build you up instead of tear you down. Don’t accept counsel from the ungodly because they live by their own standards. They live by their own understanding when God says “lean not to your own understanding but with all your heart trust in Him.” 

I want to thank every angel that has imparted their wisdom and support into my life. I pull on them every day. I am learning with each day how to decipher what and who is relevant to this big picture called life. If anyone asked me what’s the most important prayer that I ever prayed it would be for God to increase my hearing. Think about it, the better I’m able to hear from God, the better decisions I make in my life, the less time I waste trying to figure it out, and the fewer people I entertain who do not have my best interest at heart. I accept that I have delayed my own growth because of my inability to discern God’s voice but not anymore.


Keep your ears sensitive to the voice of God. Recognize the angels in your life and appreciate the God in them… they were a special delivery from above.




Tuesdays with Bianca

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  1. L. Raines says:

    Great post!

  2. Indigo says:

    To answer your very 1st question, YES I believe in angels!! I love how you used this post to show how you view angels…the difference of your perception and how they are perceived due to the movies, etc. I can appreciate your view b/c I believe that GOD is omnipresent and allows His voice to be heard in multiple ways. I praise God for His love and ability to pull us out of anything and bring us INTO HIs grace, at anytime through His sovreign will. Beautiful post B.

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