Temper, Tongues and Tears

You know how it feels to have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can’t quite describe? I’ve got that now. For the first time in my life, I just got into a fight.

Not very Christ-like, I know. What happened was (beside me letting my temper get the best of me) I got fed up. One of my “friends” started talking about me and my business on Facebook. And instead of doing what Christ would have wanted me to do which is turn the other cheek, forgive and forget, I joined in the Facebook battle and spoke against this fellow I used to call my brother. We went back and forth, each of us posting statuses about the other and passing some pretty violent words. Talking alot of junk and smack, whatever you wanna call it. It was all unnecessary and foolish. Especially for me, since I’m a Child of God.

All these verses about the tongue started rolling through my mind AFTER I had already let it loose. James 3:5,8 “So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!…but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.” Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongues and those who love it will eat of it’s fruit.” 1 Thessolonians 5:11 you know?? “Therefore ENOURAGE one another, build each other UP.”

Here’s a stinger: Proverbs 10:19 “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” In other words, if you talk too much, something not good is bound to happen.

Immediately after I spoke, I felt the sickening and sinking feel that a great big dose of guilt will give ya. *Sigh* And right then I knew what I had to do. I had to apologize to God for letting Him down, then apologize to AJ, the one I wronged.

So that’s where MY life’s been today. =/ But if THAT wasn’t enough, I threw out all the stops. I deleted him off of Facebook. O_O To alot of people, being deleted is like “OH. MY. GOSH. That’s forreal!” To me, it was like, “I really don’t need the negative attitude depressing down-ers in my newsfeed, inbox or my life.”

My Dad told me, Growing pains hurt. No matter the depth, the amount of pain, or how big the scar they leave, in the end, growing pains are there to help us something. And the marks are something we can look back on and remember how it felt to grow more mature. Something else he tells me, “You’ll be alright when the swellin goes down.” Lol and it’s true!

Because since I’ve confessed my sins and my wrongdoings, and since I’ve apologized, I feel better! Psalm 103:12 “So far as the East is from the West, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.” It feels wonderful to know that AS SOON AS anything happens and I admit my wrongfullness and repent, God forgives me. And no matter what man says or thinks or does, forgive me or not, I did my part. I don’t have to walk around burdened down by the guilt of not apologizing. I take this as another stepping stone. It’s something else I had to learn from, another one of those growing pains. And when I look back on it now (even though it’s been only but a hour or so) I am okay. And I’ll continue to work on controlling my temper, and my tongue..

To the KING!!


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3 Responses to Temper, Tongues and Tears

  1. Mom Dukes says:

    I for one am very proud of your personal growth during your first year away from home at college. I kinda knew what you’d come up against, and hence pray daily that you’ll choose Christ when things get rough. Apologizing… whether you’re at fault or not… shows maturity that I myself don’t always exhibit, but nevertheless it’s what I strive to do to honor the Lord daily. So hold your head high, cause as you said, you ARE a child of the King… nothing will EVER change that! And know that you’ve been forgiven in Jesus’ Name! Love you…

  2. boldandfab says:

    Sis I must say that I’m VERY GODLY proud of you and how you allowed God to you use with this ministry today….I’m sure someone will be blessed. It took me years to become MATURE in CHRIST enough to TRULY APOLOGIZE & FORGIVE even if I’m NOT WRONG or someone has wronged me!! However, over the past couple of years I have learned to LET GO & TRULY LET GOD and I KNOW that feeling of peace/JOY that you have in KNOWING you did your part & God will TRULY handle THE REST^_^ It is SOOOO not good to HOLD ON to ANGER/BEEFS because you are INTERRUPTING YOUR WALK with Christ when that happens and TRUST ME NO ONE is worth THAT!! So, again PRAISE GOD that YOU HAVE MOVED ON^_^ For it is HIM & HIM ALONE that ALLOWED you 2…..I just told one of denise’s daughters the devil is ALWAYS on his job doing what he suppose to do so WE as TRUE BELIEVERS need to STAY on OUR jobs & that is BEING IN THE IMAGE OF GOD^_^ Whatever the situation may be……Love you Baby Sis!!! Proud of you


  3. Campus Security(DAD) says:

    I Love you so…..much I believe the LORD is smiling on you. It is not easy because we war against the flesh, and as we know flesh does not want to do as the LORD wants us to do. So stay focus on the Lord and you will be alright. To the KING!!!!!!

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