My blog today is inspired by Romans 8:18 which reads: Our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

My God, how this verse has blessed me today. I am personally not experiencing any struggles at this time. I am in great health. My household finances are stable and on the up-swing. My marriage is solid. My life feels easy-breezy right now. But I know a few people who are experiencing the most difficult tests of their lives. I’d be a fool to think that things in my own life couldn’t take a sudden turn for the worst. No man is exempt from humanity…from life. In all actuality, I’m quite certain that God allows us seasons to GO THROUGH in order to gain or REGAIN perspective of where the glory belongs.

My Husband Guy lost his uncle James, a few weeks ago. We attended his funeral this past Friday. One of the speakers was a good friend of his who took us to the book of Job to illustrate how, like Job…James never cursed God; even as his thriving, multi-million dollar business went under; even as his rare, Skin Cancer began to ravage his body and spread to other parts; even as he grew weary…He stood His ground that Jesus is Lord and with God, he could overcome everything that was being put on him. I was so touched by his friend’s speech and motivated to grab hold of the strength and integrity that Job and my Uncle-In-Law, possessed.

It’s easy to put on your super-spiritual hat and say how you will react when your when bills aren’t delinquent, your spouse stays, friends are loyal, you’re employed, or get a clean bill of health. But to be genuinely connected to Christ and knowing that no reaction besides trusting God is even called for, if things go the opposite way. That’s the type of peace I seek while all is well in my life, so that I can be prepared and protected if my world comes crumbling down around me. And as much as we hate to admit it because we want everything…our perfect lives NOW; we must BELIEVE as BELIEVERS that this little vapor of a life we are living here on earth, doesn’t hold a candle to the bliss, preciousness, and perfection we will experience in our eternal home!!! So if you have spent the majority of your life on the short end of the stick in some way here on earth, STAY FAITHFUL. Don’t allow the harshness of life make you curse God and turn your back on Him under any circumstances. You will inherit a beautiful life, more abundant than any life imaginable…in due time. Hallelujah!

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  2. This is one of your most magnificent posts! It’s remarkable that the story about the Job’s ultimate tests have been before me, discussed among friends and I in comparative analysis similar to your post today. It’s is so important to recall biblical scriptures and spiritually place ourselves into them. Job was persecuted, sometimes it seems, for his righteousness; yet he suffered with grace until God delivered him. James no doubt stood firm on the same promises of God that Job did. Thank you for reminding me to stand firm in our faith in God, who alone is certain and unchangeable, not only in times of trouble, but when life is without blemish! I’m reminded of Matthew 24:13 – He who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

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