Built Ford-Tough… No wait, God-tough… Yea, God-tough.


I know I blog about plane rides often (mostly because it’s an internal fear I need to kick) but the ride this week was actually ok. There were a few moments however that did leave me feeling a little worried as we flew through tough winds and harsh turbulence.  I instantly started praying for God to calm the winds around me so that my stomach would settle. **Let me pause here for a moment and say I literally envision the story where Jesus calms the waves at the sea and his disciples, in awe, ask “Who is this man, that even the winds and waves obey him?” (Matthew 8:27)


I get chills every time I conceptualize the power that my MASTER still has in HIS hands. JESUS!!!!!!

Ok, so anyway, after praying for God to calm the winds, it seems the winds became way more violent AFTER my pleading. O_o So not cool God.

And then it hit me. He said, “I may not calm the winds around you, but I made sure the plane was built to handle them all.”

In that moment, I knew what He was showing me so I’ll keep it short and sweet:

Sometimes God doesn’t calm the turbulence happening around us because He know’s that we were made in His image and with HIS strength. Like a Ford truck, we were BUILT TOUGH to last. There are lessons in each storm and I would hate to be taken OUT of one and miss how God wanted me to stretch. Besides, how do you know that you are strong if your strength is never tested?


-Be blessed,

April Christina

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