Your Sorry, is Sorry

Hey B&F friends,

Tonight it’s short and sweet:

Last week I said and did something that hurt a close friends feelings. While an apology certainly helped the situation, I recognized very quickly that to repair that friendship I would need to do more than just say the words “I’m sorry”. My actions from here on out will have to reflect my apology or else those words mean nothing. While I know that I will fall short in many ways and probably hurt this persons feelings at some point, I also know my commitment to actively never crossing that line again will be instrumental to preserving that relationship.


OHHH, how this mirrors our relationship with God!!! I think about the ways that I likely hurt God every single day, the same God who calls me His friend. I think about the many times I apologize to God and then go right back into doing the same thing I pretended to be sorry for; and here we have the essence of what it actually means to repent. I’ve learned an incredible lesson in the last week, beyond my friendship with this person, and that is: a sorry is sorry if we don’t walk the walk. If we want to preserve our relationship with God, our actions have to be the apology; because after all, faith without works is dead.

This year, let us be repenters and not repeaters.

Your homework assignment (because I’m a teacher by trade lol): Look up and read 3 verses on what the Bible says about repenting and take time to reflect on how you’ve been actively or inactively working to preserve your relationship with God.

Peace and love,



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